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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 02/05/2017  (Read 282 times)
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


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xx Forum 02/05/2017
« Thread started on: Feb 7th, 2017, 06:29am »

Master Sandman
Master Thadron
Master Rollo
Master Bretval
Jarl Hunter

mistress flicka

karinda {GS}

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:01:32 pm CST
smiling but it looks like we have a good group here in spite of the urthen Supper Bowl so lets get started with forum

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:02:03 pm CST
her browns lift to listen to Master Sandman ....

ayrie{Thadron} 20:02:24 pm CST
Time well spent, if only one could, Master Sandman

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:02:25 pm CST

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:03:10 pm CST
you are know the rules

keep chatter in pm's

PM me topics

and respect for everyone

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 20:04:02 pm CST
American football, Hunter

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:06:45 pm CST
any topics folks?

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:07:54 pm CST
looks around....

karinda {GS} 20:08:23 pm CST
Scurries in and settles on the slave furs

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:08:35 pm CST
anyone anyone said in a monotone

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 20:09:33 pm CST
Sorry to say nothing leaps to My mind

ayrie{Thadron} 20:09:42 pm CST
~stifles a giggle hearing the Senior Captain, awaiting a topic

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:09:47 pm CST
no problem Bretval

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:10:22 pm CST
ok we will strrat with an old one

who is your favorite character in Gor and why

karinda {GS} 20:12:38 pm CST
Thinks back of all the books...ponders

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 20:12:40 pm CST
Oh would ask if you wish Me to try keeping Book Club going on Tuesday evening, Captain

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:13:53 pm CST
My favourite character is Me...grins

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:14:04 pm CST
and folks we have a toll in our midst-- one magena

and an incompetent troll as they pm'd me with a nasty intended for someone else

please put them on ignore

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:15:18 pm CST
bounces on her Jarls boots that is what aura wanted to say my Jarl you are auras favourite....

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:15:32 pm CST
what a surprise the coward already left

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:16:17 pm CST
must have been meant for aura since she is straight under Master Sandman ...or for her Owner as he is above...

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:16:20 pm CST
nodding to Bretval I will bring that up as a topic

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:16:49 pm CST
`slips in quietly without a sound, but with a smile and a gentle wave to all.~

aurora{Blackthorne} 20:16:53 pm CST
Tarl Cabot of course...the powerful Tarnsman

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:17:06 pm CST
smiling no aura,, it was meant for one of the slaves other slaves here.. but looks like we have lost our cowardly one

ayrie{Thadron} 20:18:14 pm CST
one was thinking about Him, aurora
as He was the first character one read of

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 20:18:33 pm CST
Torm... the scholar

karinda {GS} 20:20:07 pm CST
girl hates to admit she cannot remember the slaves name...but it is a long time since girl read slave of gor..

ayrie{Thadron} 20:20:10 pm CST
one wishes the hate would lift from Our Home, this is no place for nasty whispers or trolls

natasha{Zoran} 20:20:15 pm CST
Kamchak, the tuchuk, it is this one's favourite

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:21:20 pm CST
smiling to tasha

I have always liked Kamchak,, he is a wiley one

swtpea{PAX} 20:22:14 pm CST
girl can honestly say that she is only on page 47 of book one so she hasn't figured out who her favorite is yet

tamara{Kyoto} 20:22:18 pm CST
-listens silently-

natasha{Zoran} 20:22:34 pm CST

girl likes that about him, Master Sandman, plus he is stubborn, and follows his own code, even if it doesnt fit with the rest of the world.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:23:13 pm CST
~smiling at tasha for picking up the scribing tool~

flicka really liked the giant spiders, they had a lot of honour and stuff.

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:23:39 pm CST
karnida aura liked the girl in slave of gor also

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:24:12 pm CST
that might happen ayrie if everyone in this scurvy city acted with honor..but sadly that isnt and never was the theres always enemies about with hate and malice in mind

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:24:22 pm CST
ayrie ...aura knows what you mean she has had her fair share of nasty posts directed at her

ayrie{Thadron} 20:25:04 pm CST
~hugs to aura

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:25:12 pm CST
Takes my seat upon the Dais

karinda {GS} 20:25:46 pm CST
Aura....what the heck was her name? Hmm

The whole book is a wonderful way to understand the slave way. Smiles

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:25:47 pm CST
smart those spiders are....respect for all sentient beings I think was the words..and disdain for the rest

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:25:49 pm CST
dang but a girl cannot remember His name.

ayrie{Thadron} 20:26:12 pm CST
~bounces upon her heels, whipping curls over one bare shoulder, His steel reflecting her love
Greetings Master

aurora{Blackthorne} 20:29:16 pm CST
Nar...of the spider people

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:30:43 pm CST
Thank you aurora, yes Nar that was His name, flicka doesnt much like spiders we have some enormous ones where she lives, but Nar really made flicka feel warm and cosy.

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:32:02 pm CST
Wiggles a finger to my slave, motioning her to my feet

ayrie{Thadron} 20:34:43 pm CST
~browns catching His silent command, she slides forward and crawls to her place before Him, her lips placing a kiss upon Master's thigh before kneeling between His boots

tamara{Kyoto} 20:35:30 pm CST
-quietly easing out as she wishes everyone well-

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:35:41 pm CST
~hums softly as she inadvertently jostles natasha's arm causing her to make a big blot on the scribing scroll.~

ooops sorry sister.

~suppressing a cheeky smile~

natasha{Zoran} 20:36:54 pm CST
giggles and growls at mistress with mock ferocity, quite accidentally splattering her with ink

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:37:56 pm CST
Flicka, you won't get help, if you keep harassing the scribe. Chuckles

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:38:51 pm CST
Mul-Al Ka and Mul-Ba -ta were good chaps very simple but very funny in their way amd innocently honest

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:39:12 pm CST
~lowering her eyes in dismay~

Sorry Master Thadron, this girl is such a clumsy little thing

aurora{Blackthorne} 20:39:45 pm CST
~the girl departs to her Master~

ayrie{Thadron} 20:40:06 pm CST
~floats hugs to aurora

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:44:36 pm CST
rti here growling

ayrie{Thadron} 20:45:55 pm CST
~shivers against Master's boots, hearing the growl

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:47:54 pm CST
My brain is very slow tonight.. but I do have a foo rite character from the books... maybe I will be able to remember his name.. and the book.. chuckles

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:48:31 pm CST
Strokes my girl

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 20:48:33 pm CST
Please forgive this one as she is being called away

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:49:22 pm CST
What is the name of the native Eskimo like hunters from the north?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:49:29 pm CST
~chuckling at Master Thadron's auto correct thingy~ Foo wasn't that a thingy ion the second world war? oh and a group foo fighters.

ayrie{Thadron} 20:50:54 pm CST
~smiles adoringly up at her Master

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:51:25 pm CST
I think my condition is terminal

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:51:41 pm CST
The Red Hunters? Master Thadron.

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:52:33 pm CST
Yes, I was thinking red hunters..thank you, Flicka. And the hunters name?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:52:37 pm CST
Ahhhh well any Hunter is ok by Me

ayrie{Thadron} 20:52:44 pm CST
With respect Master
Beasts of Gor, the twelfth book in the Gorean series, describes the lands and culture of the Red Hunters who inhabit the northern polar regions of Gor.

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:53:42 pm CST
Thank you lil beast. Chuckles and strokes

ayrie{Thadron} 20:55:35 pm CST
Anything for Master ~she eases heated flesh over His boots, listening with a sultry smile as mistress flicks through pages

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:55:43 pm CST
looks at the water clock.... my Jarl yours needs to go

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:56:07 pm CST
Good to see You Thadron

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:56:37 pm CST
And good to see you, Hunter

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:57:03 pm CST

Is that the name Master Thadron?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:57:09 pm CST
kisses aura...take care My love

ayrie{Thadron} 20:57:43 pm CST
rest well aura ~hugs

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:57:43 pm CST
~feels her eyes turning green as ayrie oozes over Master Thadron's boots~

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:57:46 pm CST
kisses her Jarls lips .....slut loves you ....

aura wishes all well...

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:58:25 pm CST
~with a laugh takes her blotted self to kneel beside Jarl Hunter, cause he might get cold now aura has gone.~

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


Gender: Female
Posts: 289
xx Re: Forum 02/05/2017
« Reply #1 on: Feb 7th, 2017, 06:30am »

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:58:57 pm CST
Yes, Imnak... the dialog between him and Bosk always entertaining. Can't remover what name Bosk was using in that book.

ayrie{Thadron} 20:59:06 pm CST
~blushing, she peeks downward, exhaling a captured breath as her sunny silks still cover molten heat

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:59:12 pm CST
pulling flicka into a warm hug

Rollo the Ax 21:00:13 pm CST
Tal, and greetings all ......

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:00:14 pm CST
~feeling her heart surge as she is pulled into a warm embrace~

Coudn't have a Master going cold could we Jarl Hunter?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:00:33 pm CST
your masters boots wont be so good melted with his toes sticking through ayrie...all that heat .. goodness

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:01:07 pm CST
Does anyone have anything else to say about favorite characters? A timely question as I see Rollo the Ax enter

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:01:24 pm CST
Tal Rollo, good to see you

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:01:27 pm CST
I think I am going to have read all the books again *grin*

Rollo the Ax 21:01:39 pm CST
It well could be my dyslexia, but I remember the name as Inmak

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:01:40 pm CST
Tal Rollo

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:02:01 pm CST
Greetings Master Rollo. ~warm smile~

ayrie{Thadron} 21:02:21 pm CST
Jarl Hunter ~she dips her head until her crimson cheeks are cloaked behind a cascade of dark curls
one was told the beasts desire was good for the leather of her Master's boots

Rollo the Ax 21:02:49 pm CST
LOL... it takes no big effort to see what character * I * had the most interest in ..... LOL

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:03:36 pm CST
you are right Master Rollo, flicka did fumble fingers. Can't even use the excuse of dyslexia. ~smiling~

it is Inmak.

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:04:34 pm CST
Ty Rollo, Imnak wasn't rolling off the tongue well..

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:05:35 pm CST
Rollo the Ax is a great character, both here and in the books lol

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:06:51 pm CST
I dont like the cold at all sweet flicka....*S*..give Me hot hot hot....thats why I live in the tropics here in this hive of theives and scoundrels....and all the prettiest beasts

Rollo the Ax 21:07:05 pm CST
LOL ... now yŠll can see how easy it can be to get the letters mixed up ..... LOL.. like the devil worshiper that sold his soul to Santa ....

ayrie{Thadron} 21:08:07 pm CST
~a peal of laughter escapes hearing of Santa and souls

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:08:37 pm CST
Aye Jarl Hunter, cold does have an unfortunate effect on Master's "interesting" bits.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:08:42 pm CST
LOL Rollo.....He couldnt get out of that contract either there was a special clause

Rollo the Ax 21:09:03 pm CST
Not the first time I read the book{s} but when I came to on-line... the Rollo with the thousand yard stare ... and even scaring his fellow warriors just hit the target

swtpea{PAX} 21:09:03 pm CST
giggles softly

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:09:09 pm CST
Master Rollo. ~chuckling` You never fail to bring a laugh to this girl's lips.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:09:44 pm CST
~groans softly at Jarl Hunter's terrible pun~

karinda {GS} 21:09:55 pm CST
Quietly listens. ...amused by the chatter

Rollo the Ax 21:10:11 pm CST
LOL...LOL... Okay, Hunter ... I'll stop the bad puns if you will ?? LOL

ayrie{Thadron} 21:10:24 pm CST
Yet the Masters love sending hot slaves into the cold room~peeks out from her place and winks to mistress

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:11:28 pm CST
Well ayrie, cold has a different effect on us. ~whispers~ Has your Master ever tested you with the "hide the ice-cube" game?

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:12:00 pm CST
Cold does have some benefis

karinda {GS} 21:12:18 pm CST
Smiles thinking that would be a fun game

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:12:33 pm CST
Do tell flicka

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:12:45 pm CST
Chuckles....indeed we do ayrie...its a funny thing that

and ok ok no more puns..punish me if you

ayrie{Thadron} 21:12:49 pm CST
~shakes her curls, almost feeling bad for any ice cube Master might attempt to hide in His slut

swtpea{PAX} 21:13:03 pm CST
thats one of Master of ones favorite things to do to the slaves.. sending them into the cols... shivers at the thought

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:13:35 pm CST
If no more discussion on this topic, I might have a question to address

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:14:11 pm CST
Master Bretval, a girl's thinks You are being a tad coy in pretending You need the game explained.

~bursting into peals of laughter~

ayrie{Thadron} 21:14:17 pm CST
~lips twitching, hot slaves mouths are an excellent cure for a chilled Master

Rollo the Ax 21:14:46 pm CST
COLD for me !!!!! I hate this heat ..... the heat effects my health ... at least freezing cold just lets you go to sleep and not wake up .....

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:15:11 pm CST
Aye ayrie, mouths and other ahem, orifices a girl thinks.

ayrie{Thadron} 21:15:18 pm CST
~adjusts her kneel, listening to her Master with respect

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:15:30 pm CST
oh the topic of the cold and girls bits is ongoing...grins

but yes Thadron...listens in

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:15:33 pm CST
Master Rollo You should move to Tasmania.

natasha{Zoran} 21:15:51 pm CST
turns her eyes towards Master Thadron, listening intently

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:16:40 pm CST
~shakes herself in the arms of Jarl Hunter and pays attention to Master Thadron~

Rollo the Ax 21:17:10 pm CST
Go for another question, Thadron .... and BTW, ice cube in the mouth is the best way ...... you only get the exact spot cold that you want to ... LOL

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:18:44 pm CST
We need input as to is there any interest in Tuesday evening book club?

karinda {GS} 21:20:50 pm CST
emeralds shimmer as she smiles and nods...

karinda always liked book club.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:21:31 pm CST
~gentle eyes turned to Master Bretval.~

Master flicka is sorry that she has not been attending the book clubs of late. But it is on a Wednesday after noon for flicka and most Wednesdays she is engaged otherwise. A girl will try to attend sometimes if You are willing to take up the mantle once more.

natasha{Zoran} 21:22:26 pm CST
natasha always enjoys book club, though lately her times have been hit and miss, mostly

Rollo the Ax 21:23:37 pm CST
The idea is sound, and who knows just how many would take part all the time ........ for myself, I often have appointments so I could not take part all the time

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:23:39 pm CST
Do we have some who will promise to attend if we have it this week?

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:23:49 pm CST
I have been showing up in the Forum room... alone, flicka...
that is why the question

karinda {GS} 21:24:15 pm CST
if the question is book club during Europe hours, karinda cannot attend those.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:24:35 pm CST
it would be a rare thing that I can get to bookclub just as most events are not good timewise...but if folks feel it has a good purpose by all means

I will say though that just reading the books for enjoyment is to My mind the best way to learn..not convinced they really stand up to intense scrutiny...I used to get to it at times when Lita was around and it was a nice social gathering more than anything...and thats a good thing I guess

ayrie{Thadron} 21:24:39 pm CST
her work schedule already has her rushing to get home on Wednesday evening for slave class, she would not be able to say for say if she could attend regularly

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:25:51 pm CST
And that is great sadness Master Bretval.

A girl will try her best to be there this week. A girl will explain in PM if she may.

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:26:43 pm CST
no karinda, I believe the euro book club is going well. This is about Tuesday night

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:28:40 pm CST
*nodding to ayrie* Understood ayrie.... RT always comes first

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:28:44 pm CST
Any suggestions, Bretval... I say we put that evening book club on holiday for now

karinda {GS} 21:28:56 pm CST
this week is the last week of her child'support basketball tournament games....she cannot come this Tues

Rollo the Ax 21:29:34 pm CST
Okay folks .... years ago galah and I sold the English printings of the books on Ebay and such ...( English books had the better cover art ) and I still have a pile of old books maybe not in perfect shape, but readable ..... I will offer to give anybody any of these books if they will simply pay for the shipping cost ........

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:29:45 pm CST
And everybody who can is welcome in the euro club, correct?

ayrie{Thadron} 21:29:57 pm CST
Thank You Master Bretval, one finds it admirable that You give so much of Your time

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:30:41 pm CST
as you wish, Captain Thadron

Rollo the Ax 21:31:09 pm CST
Yes, Bretval .... the reason I was late is because I had several errands to run before Forum started....

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:31:31 pm CST
~chuckling~ Master Bretval, if cognitive input is required then best that flicka does not attend Euro book club

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:31:43 pm CST
Certainly Thadron... as many as can are welcome

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


Gender: Female
Posts: 289
xx Re: Forum 02/05/2017
« Reply #2 on: Feb 7th, 2017, 06:31am »

Rollo the Ax 21:32:47 pm CST
It might take we a week or so to compile a list of what titles I have .... but the offer stands for anybody interested .......

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:34:37 pm CST
if everyone is there then its not euro anymore..jsut a differnt time with the forum

maybe we need forum to be a drop in drop out format over 24 hours or one for each time zone...I normally cant get to either

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:34:46 pm CST
Thank you, Bretval. If nobody has anything else, I declare forum to be over.

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:35:08 pm CST
*lol* of couse flicka... *grin* I attended the Ausissie BBQ one Festival... it was rather early for Me

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:36:02 pm CST
We do talk about the time issues a lot and welcome ideas from everyone

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:36:21 pm CST
Thank You Master Thadron for taking over from Master Sandman.

And of course to the lovely tasha for scribing.

~beaming smile to each~

Rollo the Ax 21:36:27 pm CST
If I may enquire ..... how many books have been discussed already ? and how high a number does the plans go up to ? # 25 .. or higher ??

natasha{Zoran} 21:37:13 pm CST
thank You Master Sandman and Master Thadron for leading

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 21:37:21 pm CST
I have all the books as well Rollo... not sure of the quality of the EBook but it is there for anyone as well

swtpea{PAX} 21:37:38 pm CST
Thank you Master Sandman and Master Thadron for leading
thank you natasha for scribing

ayrie{Thadron} 21:37:56 pm CST
Thank You to Master Sandman and Master Thadron for leading

Thank you lovely natasha for scribing

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:38:01 pm CST
Bret also is the expert on how many books we have covered at least once... almost all I think.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:38:24 pm CST
Kuurus is slit throat in 19 seconds..impressive

karinda {GS} 21:38:37 pm CST
girl thanks Master Thadron for taking over leading forum from Master Sandman

karinda thanks natasha for scribing

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:38:43 pm CST
Thank you for scribing, natasha

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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