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Feb 22nd, 2018, 03:38am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Euro-Forum notes..05-March-2017  (Read 240 times)

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xx Euro-Forum notes..05-March-2017
« Thread started on: Mar 6th, 2017, 12:08pm »

Jarl Keeper
Jarl Randolph - Moderator
Master Dak
Master Bretval
Master Venator
Master Pax

karinda {GS}

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:31:17 pm CST
If anyone has a topic then please whisper it to me now

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:40:41 pm CST

One moment, just looking at the topic

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:41:06 pm CST
Topic 1: Should very controversial subjects be avoided as Topics in the Forums?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:41:12 pm CST

poises nib to milled linen parchment ... listens intently

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:42:10 pm CST
hmmm..taps fingers to chin, pondering the topic

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:42:26 pm CST
My initial thought is that Forum is here specifically to discuss any topic, including controversial ones

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:42:39 pm CST
girls very first thought and most simplistic is
When else would they be discussed?

larissa{Austin} 13:43:37 pm CST
girl thinks that any topic should be discussed as long as its down in a rational way.

Venator-Warrior 13:43:46 pm CST
Topics are just topics. How we handle them makes for preponderance of the controversy.

ayrie{Thadron} 13:44:02 pm CST
The first thought would be... So decides what is too controversial... And the next is... Is that not what Forum is for?
Discussing things that Any might have questions about?

Dak 13:44:04 pm CST

what identifies a subject as controversial?

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:44:17 pm CST

There is a fine line in that question.

When does "very controversial subjects" become something that may damage the home, or hurt our fellow Goreans?

Bretval {meral}: 13:44:21 pm CST

My first instinct is to say No.... but I suppose it would depend on the nature of the controversy

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:44:33 pm CST

agrees fully my Jarl..however rt things should not enter into any discussion...only subjects that concern the Home of GS

PAX 13:44:45 pm CST
all topics are open, correct?

karinda {GS} 13:45:09 pm CST
girl feels that all topics should be discussed here...agrees that it should be in a rational manner that they are all discussed

ayrie{Thadron} 13:45:14 pm CST
So very true ruby ~nods, she did not think about that

ayrie{Thadron} 13:45:42 pm CST
Respect being paramount in all we do

PAX 13:45:47 pm CST

"very controversial" is different to each

tamara{Kyoto} 13:45:56 pm CST
is that not how things get brought up and brought to attention of people that might need to know about them? also to see what the home as a whole thinks about a topic or not. we are all adults and we should know that in forum, not to take things personal and to enjoy a good topic one way or another. even if i might not agree with something, i enjoy hearing the other side of the topic, it very well might be something that never entered my head to think about.

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:46:43 pm CST
Agrees with ruby the rt should never be brought into Gor especially into forums

Bretval {meral}: 13:47:05 pm CST

nodding agreement to ruby...

karinda {GS} 13:47:09 pm CST
Nods in agreement to ruby and rykl

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:47:17 pm CST
agrees with ruby, Forum is to discuss Gorean and GS Topics but in the widest sense

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:47:27 pm CST
you nailed the point...respect is paramount, in all discussions

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:48:04 pm CST
I think the problem lies in two things that have been mentioned.

Real Time



In an ideal world, these concepts, if followed would mean that almost anything could be discussed.
The problem is we do not live in an ideal world.

PAX 13:48:43 pm CST
Gorean topic's in a Respectful rational manner

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:50:19 pm CST
I agree with the respect, and being good mannered. Personal attacks are obviously to be avoided but opposing views should be encouraged

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:50:44 pm CST
topics that will have Oour Home continue to thrive and be productive in nature should be the top priority

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:51:02 pm CST

~Nodding in agreement~
Respect and real time is the core of it.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:51:48 pm CST
lol, agrees ruby, but sitting here I am sometimes glad of anything !!!!!

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:52:31 pm CST
indeed my Jarl, a reasonable debate...that may or may not have controversy

ayrie{Thadron} 13:52:45 pm CST
yes ruby, this one agrees whole heartedly

larissa{Austin} 13:53:02 pm CST
if girl may say, since she goes to both forums, it seems that controversial topics are handled better in eforum verses regular forum, but it may also be the numbers in attendance.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:54:23 pm CST
I like to take the words attributed to Voltaire into Forum.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

But, RT and respect, are paramount.

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:54:49 pm CST
Smiles to larissa and thinks about the differences in attendance

Bretval {meral}: 13:54:51 pm CST
*wink to larissa* fewer distractions in EForum

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:55:20 pm CST
Jarl Keeper
well said..nodding

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:55:32 pm CST
gives rissa a big smile - well it is more straight forward to have conversations with fewer people - although I would like to see our numbers here match the NA Forum

Venator-Warrior 13:55:41 pm CST

Agreed, larissa.

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:55:48 pm CST
-rubs His thigh as His says those words-

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:56:37 pm CST

agrees with Keeper (and Voltaire)

Venator-Warrior 13:57:40 pm CST

Randolph, imho, be careful what you wish for.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:58:32 pm CST

there will always be friction and harmony in any community...however factions of sorts...reduce the stability of the Home, and should be avoided at all costs..nods firmly

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:58:37 pm CST
lol, Venator, point taken, shouldn't be greedy.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:59:17 pm CST
Any other comments on this subject??

Venator-Warrior 13:59:24 pm CST
Randolph, its ok to be greedy, but more can be less.

ayrie{Thadron} 13:59:31 pm CST

~listening with a smile upon her lips

Bretval {meral}: 13:59:35 pm CST
And there is the fact that the choice of Topics in Forum can act as a filter.... to keep the topics to relevant topics of all the members

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:59:41 pm CST
None from this girl

Dak 13:59:44 pm CST

as one that has been virtually "roasted in the forum ,I don't think many believe in the Voltaire thing around here, *s*!

karinda {GS} 13:59:47 pm CST

No more comments for karinda

ayrie{Thadron} 13:59:51 pm CST
None from this one, thank You Jarl Randolph

Venator-Warrior 14:00:10 pm CST
None here.

larissa{Austin} 14:00:28 pm CST
softly spoken,

nothing else from this girl

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:00:30 pm CST

Having moderated both Forums, 30 + people in a room it is virtually impossible to keep track, add in Pms and any one will miss something.

And it is that something that people will remember!

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:00:49 pm CST
no from this girl Jarl Randolph

meral{Bretval} 14:01:17 pm CST
nothing from mea thank You Jarl

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:01:23 pm CST

Nothing from Me Brother

Bretval {meral}: 14:02:08 pm CST

Nothing more from Me

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:02:39 pm CST
bol at Dak. maybe Voltaire should have added ' as long as they agree with me"

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:02:44 pm CST

nothing further from Your slut, my Jarl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:03:27 pm CST

slaps her thighs...laughing with my Master

Dak 14:03:42 pm CST
aye, very much so RANDOLPH, *S*

karinda {GS} 14:04:33 pm CST

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:04:44 pm CST
As a summary:

the conclusion is that anything of a Gorean or GS nature can and should be discussed. RT shouldn't.

Respect and good manners are a prerequisite.

and those with contrarian views 'should not be 'roasted'

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:05:17 pm CST

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as it is exactly the same as mine!

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:06:31 pm CST
my Jarl
girl think that may only apply to this one

PAX 14:06:44 pm CST

Randolph that's what Ive taken away for this

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:07:57 pm CST
OK, has anyone another topic?? Controversial or not !!!!!

larissa{Austin} 14:08:16 pm CST
stifles a giggle.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:08:56 pm CST
~Grinning at rykl~

That may well be true!

Bretval {meral}: 14:10:20 pm CST
Well Gorean Males are passionate so on occasion the call for Respect can slip... but it is still only a slip in most cases

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:11:48 pm CST

Agrees Bretval, these things happen. As long as all know there is no malice meant

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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor

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Gender: Female
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xx Re: Euro-Forum notes..05-March-2017
« Reply #1 on: Mar 6th, 2017, 12:36pm »

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:13:10 pm CST
OK, another topic, one moment

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:14:34 pm CST
Topic 2:
On a not so controversial, and very positive note.

"To share the kettle of a friend," I said, "is to dine with a Ubar."
Blood Brothers of Gor Book 18 Page 349

Perhaps we can share the odd story of acts of friendship or kindness from our fellow Goreans.

Whether it be Master or slave?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:15:52 pm CST

oh likes this share Ones kettle

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:17:05 pm CST

I have always found the majority of both Free and slaves to be most helpful and kind. It was that which attracted me into GS some 4 years ago.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:18:12 pm CST
this one looks at this topic a bit differently than what the book related

to share Ones kettle, may also mean...Wwe all love and cherish Oour Home...thus share ideals that will have Oour Home prosper

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:19:33 pm CST
I remember Sophie once offering to serve me in the Tavern, as no slaves were present. For those who have experienced a serve from Sophie - well - enough said - but it was kind of her.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:20:03 pm CST
I cannot and will not share too many details.
But in a time of crisis, affirmation and support from people who's opinion I cherish were a source of great strength and joy for rykl and I.

One last quote before I leave!

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."

Dante Alighieri

ayrie{Thadron} 14:20:42 pm CST
one loves that point of view, ruby.
All have been kind to this one since Master brought her here... well, since her very first visit with rykl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:21:18 pm CST
laughing, indeed my Jarl, when Mistress Sophie serves its comic relief

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:21:22 pm CST
~Standing with rykl in My arms~
RT calls.
Actually it is a group of slightly feral knee high barbarians we call "students".

Bretval {meral}: 14:21:36 pm CST
I agree Randolph most members to their best to make their time a positive experience... barring the occasion HNG only interested in causig problem...
few, rare and easily dealt with

Dak 14:22:18 pm CST
after being "roasted", I have trouble trusting present Goreans

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:22:59 pm CST
-kisses His cheek-

This girl could not have said it better....ry has been in a couple trying times since coming to this home but it was the strength of others that kept her here when she wanted nothing more than to collapse and wither....there is no amount of thanks appropriate to cover that type of giving....

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:23:12 pm CST
I wish everyone farewell and I hope you enjoy the remains of the day

meral{Bretval} 14:23:21 pm CST
Jarl Randolph was most kind to mea when she first came into GS, pointed her in the direction of His ruby.....the rest is history......smiles up to her own beloved Master

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:24:01 pm CST
when this girl first came to GS everyone was so kind and helpful and still is

ayrie{Thadron} 14:24:18 pm CST

~tilts head, listening with respect

Bretval {meral}: 14:25:17 pm CST

Lady Lita once served Me under the same circumstances ... She very serious about is... a lesson for the kajira

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:25:31 pm CST
Master Dak
may girl inquire why You feel that way, please?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:27:09 pm CST
smiles at mea, being in the same time zone did enable us to have chats

Dak 14:28:12 pm CST
after being "roasted" for My pure GS beliefs you ask that? *s*

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:28:15 pm CST
lol, Bretval, suspect Sophie's serve was a tad different !!!!

meral{Bretval} 14:28:44 pm CST
yes Jarl......smiles

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:30:49 pm CST
Dak, I have seen some of the scribes of what you refer to. Maybe just hang in with the conclusions of EForum tonight - and remind others of the Voltaire quote.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:32:47 pm CST
Master Dak
with due respect

ruby believes she has pure Gorean beliefs too...however girl tries very hard to listen and understand other views that may have her look at things from another other words keep an open mind

Dak 14:34:01 pm CST
*s*, when you get gang mentality, going, try that, it's sure not working in this country, *s*!

karinda {GS} 14:34:22 pm CST

Enters to listen as she waits for her rt event to start at 3

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:37:00 pm CST

That does happen everywhere, Dak, unfortunately. Which is why having these Forums is important - at least it is a vehicle for promoting differing views

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:39:27 pm CST
Any other comments on this topic??

karinda {GS} 14:40:14 pm CST
None from karinda Jarl Randolph

larissa{Austin} 14:40:14 pm CST
a pleasing smile,

no Jarl, thank you for asking.

Venator-Warrior 14:40:41 pm CST
None here

ayrie{Thadron} 14:40:47 pm CST
Nothing from ayrie, thank You Jarl Randolph

meral{Bretval} 14:40:56 pm CST
nothing from mea thank You Jarl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:41:48 pm CST
none from Your slut my Master...thinks it prudent to not only share Ones kettle, but beliefs and have an open mind

swtpea{Frederick} 14:41:51 pm CST
nothing from pea

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:44:43 pm CST
A difficult summary to give here:

1) In general most have found kindness and helpfulness here in GS
2) However, at times intolerances can hurt.

Bretval {meral}: 14:45:48 pm CST
~considering Dak's words~
it does happen of course, Dak.... unfortunate but true... but turning into a mirror cannot solve the problem.... one must be willing to considerate the view of others

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:46:03 pm CST
and with that I close EForum for this week

Many thanks to all for attending and contributing to the interesting topics

Kisses the scribe

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:46:11 pm CST diplomatic my Jarl...kiss

Venator-Warrior 14:46:48 pm CST
Thank you Randolph for leading and ruby for scribing

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:47:41 pm CST

thank you Jarl Randolph for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

larissa{Austin} 14:47:42 pm CST
a beaming smile,

thank you Jarl Randolph for leading, and the beauty gemstone for scribing

Bretval {meral}: 14:47:45 pm CST
My thanks to you for leading Randolph
and of course My thanks to ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:48:26 pm CST
thank You my Master for leading a productive EForum...tasting every morsel of Your gifted kiss

karinda {GS} 14:48:57 pm CST
Thank you Jarl Randolph for leading

Thanks to the beautiful ruby for scribing

meral{Bretval} 14:49:58 pm CST
Thank You Jarl Randolph for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

swtpea{Frederick} 14:50:10 pm CST
thank you Jarl Randolph for leading
thank you ruby for scribing

Dak 14:50:23 pm CST

Thanks for leading Randolph,

and ruby for scribbling, *s*

ayrie{Thadron} 14:50:32 pm CST
Thank You for leading, Jarl Randolph

Thank you for scribing ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:51:31 pm CST
rolls up the parchment

as always a pleasure to serve my Jarls beloved Home
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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor
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