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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 04/09/2017  (Read 197 times)
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


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xx Forum 04/09/2017
« Thread started on: Apr 12th, 2017, 08:50am »

Master Sandman
Master Thadron
Jarl Keeper
Master Rollo
Master Kazar
Jarl Hunter
Master Austin
Master PAX
Master LionHeart

Mistress Sissy

karinda {GS}
sei {Kazar}

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:41:34 pm CDT
Let's get things moving.

If anyone has a topic could you please PM it to Me.

~Looking to the slaves~
Do we have any scribes for today?

natasha{Zoran} 19:41:48 pm CDT
slips in quietly, making her way to the slave furs

greetings Jarl Keeper
greetings Master Rollo
greetings Master Kazar
greetings Master Austin
greetings Master Pax

greetings Mistress Sissy

greetings lovely sisters ruby, ry, larissa, pea, moira, karinda and sei

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 19:42:26 pm CDT
Greetings beautiful natasha

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:42:28 pm CDT
walking in silently seeing forum has started and sitting down

nodding to each one here

Sissy 19:42:29 pm CDT
greetings natasha

Rollo the Ax 19:42:33 pm CDT
LOL: ... LOL ... Rollo is ALWAYS * well * ..... now that can mean doing okay and in fair health, or it can mean at the bottom of a deep dark hole full of water ..... LOL... depends on the day I guess ...... LOL

sei {Kazar} 19:42:34 pm CDT
smiles and greets natasha

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:42:49 pm CDT
Tal Sandman

Austin - Scholar- 19:42:56 pm CDT
Tal Senior Captain Sandman.. good to see you friend

Rollo the Ax 19:43:16 pm CDT
Tal, brother Sandman

Austin - Scholar- 19:43:20 pm CDT
Greetings natasha

natasha{Zoran} 19:43:28 pm CDT
greetings Master Sandman *smiles*

karinda {GS} 19:43:30 pm CDT
Greetings natasha...blows a kiss

sei {Kazar} 19:43:49 pm CDT
smiles as she greetings Master Sandman

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:44:01 pm CDT
Tal Brother, good to see you, just asked for topics.

Oh and a scribe?

larissa{Austin} 19:44:02 pm CDT
greetings Master Sandman,

greetings natasha... hugs ya tight

Sissy 19:44:14 pm CDT
Let's hope it means your doing good Rollo I'd hate to have to pull your ass outta a

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 19:44:29 pm CDT
my Jarl,
You know this girl would do anything for Your home but she has not figured out how to c&p on this darn iPad....try as she may

karinda {GS} 19:44:31 pm CDT
Greetings Master Sandman...winks

karinda {GS} 19:44:31 pm CDT
Greetings Master Sandman...winks

Sissy 19:44:49 pm CDT
Tal SandMan

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 19:45:06 pm CDT
Greetings Master Sandman

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:45:21 pm CDT
I have an ipad little one, just about impossible to scribe on!
Any scribes or shall I appoint one?

Rollo the Ax 19:46:19 pm CDT
Tal, Hunter ....... and Sissy, I sure hope that means helping me out of a hole in the ground ........ LOL ...

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:46:37 pm CDT
Tal Hunter

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:47:00 pm CDT
natasha will scribe, now!
A topic?

Sissy 19:47:28 pm CDT
Aye I'm not grabbing that snake

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 19:48:12 pm CDT

one has to laugh..some things are just so funny

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:48:21 pm CDT

Punctuation is important

natasha will scribe


A topic?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 19:48:44 pm CDT
Tal Sandman, Rollo, Austin

larissa{Austin} 19:50:56 pm CDT
greetings Jarl Hunter.. warm smiles and floats hugs.

Rollo the Ax 19:51:16 pm CDT
huh Sissy .. but doesn't the old saying go * better to have one snake in the hand rather than two in the bush * huh LOL

karinda {GS} 19:51:52 pm CDT
Greetings Master Hunter

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:51:56 pm CDT
OK We have a topic
A moment please

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:52:27 pm CDT
Rollo reminds me of a song. Push push in the bush

Sissy 19:52:41 pm CDT
This Lady would be foolish to answer that question here

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:52:45 pm CDT
dark eyes lift to Jarl Keeper - listens intently

Rollo the Ax 19:53:21 pm CDT
Okay ... serious time now ...

moira 19:54:07 pm CDT

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:55:03 pm CDT
What is your favourite thing/s to do in Gor?

Are you just here for furring?
Is it talking to like mined people?
Being served?

Is there a single aspect of Gorean Shores that you enjoy the most?
Several aspects of Gorean Shores that you enjoy the most?

karinda {GS} 19:55:18 pm CDT
Turns to Jarl Keeper to hear the first topic

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 19:55:20 pm CDT
chuckling...well its true we do know theres a few snakes in Port Kar...more is the pity

greetings to those slaves I admire

karinda {GS} 19:56:04 pm CDT
Giggles...all but she loves to be furred...she admits it.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:56:21 pm CDT
Of course now that we have commenced we all know the rules, no excessive chit-chat keep greeting to PM were possible.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:56:47 pm CDT
No problem with that karinda


Sissy 19:56:51 pm CDT
I enjoy most of the people here

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 19:57:11 pm CDT
Hard to narrow it down, thinking....

Austin - Scholar- 19:59:02 pm CDT
For me it is the comradere and the friendship I have developed.. which attributes the friendly atmosphere and culture in our Hhome

Rollo the Ax 19:59:58 pm CDT
For myself, it is a combination of many different activities ...... Like minded folks, discussions of the books and how they relate to us, a chance to learn and also help instruct others ..... never was about the furring ..... as far as serves go ... to get a drink is no big deal, but to watch how well a girls serves it is where the pleasure comes in .....

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:00:53 pm CDT
girl likes to study the Gorean philosophies with like minded Ppeople...attending book club and Forums

she loves to dance and serve my Jarl to the best of her ability

Sissy 20:00:56 pm CDT
Well said Austin & Rollo

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:01:30 pm CDT
a trip to the furs is always nice, but I love the beauty and grace of the girls as they serve and dance.. and the cameraderie

natasha{Zoran} 20:03:12 pm CDT
for this one it is being able to express her slave heart, with like minded people, mostly

and of course, first and foremost, to serve her Master!

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:03:21 pm CDT
If there is one thing I enjoy, it would be the big events, festivals, dances, sparring and the like.

~Nodding to Sissy~

The thing that makes those events so enjoyable is the people.
Generally speaking Goreans are friendly and we enjoy each others company and get along very well.

As for the exceptions to that rule?

Pardon My crudity but I am a Jarl; the exceptions, and there are not many, are like a pubic hair on the toilet seat of life.

Easily pissed off!

karinda {GS} 20:03:31 pm CDT
Enjoys hearing what their favorite things to do are with everyone.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:04:26 pm CDT
girl also likes the training aspect of GS..this one is honored the Captains saw fit to assign her

Sissy 20:04:55 pm CDT
Nodding to Keeper

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:05:17 pm CDT
I would say we can discuss this sort of thing in the tavern at leisure and that is what chat is...although it seems these days forum(s) is almost all that gs is....perhaps that would be a good topic...why?

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:05:29 pm CDT

Togetherness, grace, beauty, people wanting to please, cameraderie.
All these things, are what make it special.

Rollo the Ax 20:05:46 pm CDT
And for an older person such as myself, it is always interesting to watch and see how well or not some folks develop and show their personality .... the role play can only go so far .... in doing so, a persons REAL personality and mind comes to show thru their words and deeds ....

moira 20:05:57 pm CDT
Girl loved serving her Master

karinda {GS} 20:06:12 pm CDT
smiles...ruby is great at training...she has seen many trained by her...and as. Soon as girl sets up an email...she too...will get the honor to be trained to reds by ruby.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:06:29 pm CDT
One misses. Book club Tuesday nights
On that note talked to Lita today
She us coming along. Still doing p/t her daughter trying to teach her how to use a kindal

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:06:52 pm CDT
Stroked girls hairl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:07:33 pm CDT
ruby looks forward to that...blushes to the fine compliment, thank you sweets

Sissy 20:08:09 pm CDT
Tal to Lady Lita and I wish her a quick recovery

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:08:24 pm CDT
Very true Rollo

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:09:04 pm CDT
Gorean Shores is much more than this gathering, and in the Tavern slaves are not permitted the same latitude to be free and open as they are here in Forum.
That is one of the purposes of Forum, communication that otherwise would not be possible.

Rollo the Ax 20:10:54 pm CDT
One possible reason or explanation for * why * things are so, Hunter is that in todays world there is so much going on in RT that very often folks need a specific time to set aside for doing just what we are here .... it would be nice if there could be more interaction more often, but it just gets pushed to the back burner too often .....

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:12:06 pm CDT
That is true Rollo, we are all pushed for time.
Especially if you are 15 hours in front of Gorean time!

Sissy 20:12:16 pm CDT
Rt always comes first

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


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xx Re: Forum 04/09/2017
« Reply #1 on: Apr 12th, 2017, 08:51am »

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:12:23 pm CDT
the tavern is a desolate place....I think the reasons are more interesting than what My favourite thing might be...although twisting My sword once its buried to the hilt is up high on the

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:13:39 pm CDT
Aye Rollo I do understand is a busy thing for sure

larissa{Austin} 20:14:24 pm CDT
especially now, spring is in the air, the weather is nice, people want to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather..

Sissy 20:14:53 pm CDT
so true larissa

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:15:18 pm CDT
Larissa. Have that all year round here nice no mire void or snow

Sissy 20:17:11 pm CDT
Then you have no excuse not to visit with Hunter in the Tavern Kazar

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:17:18 pm CDT
Changing the topic slightly,
Is there a reason the tavern is empty?

Is it always that empty?
Often if one or two people go in others come?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:17:31 pm CDT
thats the life for a pirate Kazar...sun and surf and fair maidens...arghhhhh!....Grinning

Rollo the Ax 20:18:31 pm CDT
That is also another point to factor in, larissa ...... the seasons effect how many or how much folks come in .... in all the years that | have been here, spring and summer are always slow times because folks are out there DOING things rather than just sitting around the house

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:18:43 pm CDT
Hunter grins exact,y one keeps. E busy in my holdings

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:20:28 pm CDT
come to My feet aura....smiles to the beautiful woman I own

Sissy 20:20:36 pm CDT
Its a shame 2 are only here for the furring when Port Kar has so much more to offer

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:21:01 pm CDT
Although I think Rollo has the crux of it.
People are time poor.
So if we know there is something happening we come, we enjoy each others company, generally speaking.
That is why the dancing and other events are so important.
That is why Gorean Shores is still around, we evolve.
Not many people in the Tavern because the world is a busier place, organise events and people come.
Evolve or perish.

larissa{Austin} 20:21:07 pm CDT
nods Master Rollo Yes and longer daylight hours.. a person can spend more time outside then be in the house.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:21:31 pm CDT
which 2 is that Sissy?

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:21:40 pm CDT
Crawls to her owners feet curls up at them his furs warm on the chilly morning....she smiles in greeting to others

Sissy 20:22:42 pm CDT
I didn't mention names and I won't mention names Hunter

karinda {GS} 20:22:55 pm CDT
karinda goes in there a lot....she waits ....sometimes she is lucky...other times she is not so lucky....a few days ago she cleaned oup the bath house...replenish towels...she was hopeful...but alas no one came

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:23:01 pm CDT
aura's friend her Master owns a gorean home that has people in it most days...

Austin - Scholar- 20:24:03 pm CDT
Nods in agreement with Keeper

Rollo the Ax 20:24:51 pm CDT
Unfortunately, there is no short or easy answer for * why * .... it is what it is .... attendance waxes and wanes due to the Gods know why ... but it has done so from day one, and I am sure that it do so for many, many years to come ...... roll with the punches, do what you can, when you can ... and try to understand that the world keeps moving .. the wheel turns ....

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:24:55 pm CDT
It has been a while since I went to the bath house karinda!

~Squeezing rykl~

Must visit the bath house again soon, I think I may need to clean behind My ears or something!

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:25:27 pm CDT
I would say also that perhaps sometimes people stay away because they dont like things that have been done..or dont approve of certain people...etc...perhaps its the only kind of protest it or not its its a human thing to do so....rt is only one factor

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:25:40 pm CDT
giggles it might be you my Jarl...miŕren and this one best lift our game so you can fur lol

LionHeart of Old 20:26:26 pm CDT
((topic please))

karinda {GS} 20:27:38 pm CDT
Jarl Keeper the towels smell FANTASTIC now down there....and karinda swept the pools and baths....even accidently fell all soaking wet...her yellow silks drooped awful after...giggles

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:27:46 pm CDT
Grins ....well it aint Me as one of the 2 anyway...I have never furred once in all My years here

Sissy 20:28:29 pm CDT
I don't visit the Tavern because I don't like feeling like I have to be protected when I'm there and I also don't like having to watch my behavior or I might be face striped so I stay away unless the ones I feel safe with are there

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:29:26 pm CDT
Laughs...kissing you might be at that My sweet slut aura

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:29:43 pm CDT
Other reasons?
Interesting assumption?
On what explicit, factual or conglomerated evidence do you have for those assumptions?

Rollo the Ax 20:29:44 pm CDT
In my youth, the classic bumper sticker went * Love or Leave it * which is only part of the issue ... along with that slogan we need to understand that * Change it or Lose it * is the second half of the equation .....

Sissy 20:29:45 pm CDT
The topic now is why is the Tavern always empty LH

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:30:31 pm CDT
Exactly Rollo

Sissy 20:30:40 pm CDT
I like the bumper sticker
Shit Happens

moira 20:32:08 pm CDT
Agrees with Mistress Sissy

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:32:31 pm CDT
Rollo make love not war
Burn the bra lol

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:33:24 pm CDT
No Sissy,
Shit does not just happen, arseholes create it!

Again, Lady, pardon My crudity!

Sissy 20:34:47 pm CDT
Well there are arses here

Rollo the Ax 20:35:37 pm CDT
You are right Hunter in that is a way some might react or take action to address some issue or point with or between others .... My only thought on this issue is that by staying away exactly who is being hurt or punished ?? Go, where you wish to be, and if others take offence or such ... it is THEIR tough shit .... in my own humble opinion ...

karinda {GS} 20:35:41 pm CDT
her face grows in sadness...

Hate this

LionHeart of Old 20:35:45 pm CDT
The earlier Forum talked of if it would be a good idea to have a "set minimum" that girls must be able to serve to enter the tavern without their Masters. NOT to say Master's can't set restrictions BUT that if a girl was further restricted than the minimum then she could not enter the tavern without Him. The notion being that multiple differing sets of restrictions made going and asking for service like reading a law book

EG: OK she can serve Me a drink can I pat her head for doing so -- or cup her breast as I reach for a drink -- such having to check corks makes being served a PIA instead of a pleasure -- would be easier if KNEW that all girls had to say allow simple touch or lapping or some SET level (presumably by the Captains)

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:37:20 pm CDT
Here, here Rollo.

Let us move away from this negativity.

As stated My favourite thing in Gor is the people, especially when gathered in large numbers which is not always possible.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:38:11 pm CDT
Nods...indeed Rollo...I agree entirely with your wisdom

Sissy 20:38:50 pm CDT
I think one Master should respect another Masters wishes of his property LH

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:39:53 pm CDT
If the Council passed a rule like that LionHeart it would be non-Gorean.
A Master has total control of His slave.
Every Gorean is an Ubar in the arc of His sword.

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:40:37 pm CDT
Quietly enters, nods to those present

LionHeart of Old 20:40:47 pm CDT
You were not hearing Me

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:41:13 pm CDT
~Nods a greeting to My Brother~

LionHeart of Old 20:42:41 pm CDT[/b]
It has NOTHING to do with a Master's restrictions

It is a matter of the Ravern being restricted to slaves that COULD serve in a certain way. slaves that cannot could then only enter WITH their Master to serve Him

The slaves restrictions would be honored -- but the slaves would have to honor the "rooms" requirements as well by not entering it UNLESS were allowed to serve at the set level

Sissy 20:42:51 pm CDT
I still don't think The Captain setting rules for another's property is right

Sissy 20:44:00 pm CDT
That idea would really make the Tavern a lonely place

LionHeart of Old 20:44:43 pm CDT
Again NOT about setting rules FOR the slaves

But just like FM can't go into the kennels freely so slaves would be restricted from going into a room where their restrictions put them "out of place"

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:45:20 pm CDT
Purrs at the thought of her breast being cupped and hhhhmmmm..

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:45:23 pm CDT
If the Tavern is restricted under certain circumstances then that would mean less people?

LionHeart of Old 20:45:30 pm CDT
No I think It might INCREASE its use.

Being served there now is more an exercise in reading and checking restrictions than enjoying the place ~shrugs~

natasha{Zoran} 20:45:35 pm CDT
in this girls opinion, that would make the Tavern even more empty, as the Masters only need to tell their slaves NOT to go into the Tavern unless they were with them, if they didnt wish their slaves to serve with such minimuns.

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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she searched for a place to be tamed. What she found was a place to be wild.


Gender: Female
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xx Re: Forum 04/09/2017
« Reply #2 on: Apr 12th, 2017, 08:53am »

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:45:48 pm CDT
Roll the jet are. Few yellow silks and red silks owned by the tavern
Most are private,y iwned. HVe restrictions by their Master

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:46:23 pm CDT
looking to LH,, while I may agree with you that the level of restriction on many of the privately owned slaves doesn't match the books very well, I agree with Brother Keeper that each man is an Ubar when it comes to his property-- and I am not going to interfere with that right

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:47:43 pm CDT
~Nodding in utter agreement with My Brother~

LionHeart of Old 20:47:46 pm CDT
I do not go to the tavern or ask to be served when there as the pain of checking which slave can be touched (I am not talking even sex but mere touching in the cases of some restrictions) or what is just not worth the hassle. The Tavern should be a place for FM to relax not have to try to figure out what the current posted restrictions are and then how to interpret

Sissy 20:49:04 pm CDT
There aren't many FW here because of the strict rules of what we can and can't do and I'm sure there would be less slaves in the Tavern if the Council set such requirments

Austin - Scholar- 20:49:32 pm CDT
I agree with Keeper and Sandman.. I also think that a change the LH has proposed will leave the Tavern even more desolate

LionHeart of Old 20:49:32 pm CDT
Again Sandman how does saying a girl can't enter the Tavern without her Master if her restrictions limit her ability to serve limit HIS rights?

Any more than the fact most FM are banned from entering the slave kennels willy nilly here?

Rollo the Ax 20:49:38 pm CDT
You will find, I think, as many thoughts or ideas concerning what should and should not be allowed or restricted as you will find different people ..... and so, how can the Council be expected to come up with or inforce a set of rules concerning ALL slaves huh

LionHeart of Old 20:51:12 pm CDT
The restrictions I speak of on WHO can enter a room which One already has here in other rooms for other types of people. NO girl would be asked to go BEYOND her Masters set restrcitions

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:51:17 pm CDT
~Standing with rykl in My arms~
My time here has expired and I must leave.

Sissy 20:51:21 pm CDT
Maybe you Men shouldn't be so quick to collar a slave if you want some to feel up in the tavern

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:52:11 pm CDT
I am sure that one of My Brothers can continue in My stead.

rykl a very short good bye, pity the scribe

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:52:39 pm CDT
Winds, Keeper

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:52:46 pm CDT
What the Free are saying LH is that our rules and customs are for our site...when was the last time a GS Free was in your home telling you your doing it all wrong?...and if I am not mistaken that is what you do week in week out....Smiles. I think you perhaps forget the courtesy that is given that you have a voice.....I know theres a lot of gor places across the net where you would not

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 20:53:07 pm CDT
-is happy to go where He wishes and when He wishes waves to those present -

LionHeart of Old 20:53:13 pm CDT
Again I am NOT saying that Rollo

A simple example of a girl's restrictions make it so she can't be swatted on the ass then she does NOT belong in the Tavern unless her Master is there.

Other things could be added -- touching a her breast or kissing

It is a limit on entering the ROOM NOT the girl I am proposing

Sissy 20:53:35 pm CDT
Blessed Be Keeper and rykl

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:53:40 pm CDT
nodding to my Brother I will take over,, if I am urted Thadron can keep things rolling

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 20:53:58 pm CDT
I wish all well
Farewell to all
~I walk out the door~

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:54:23 pm CDT
Be well, rykl

LionHeart of Old 20:54:49 pm CDT
Hunter the topic WAS what could be done to increase Tavern traffic I am offering what in My opinion is an answer TO THE QUESTION on the floor brought up HERE nothing more nothing less

Sissy 20:54:58 pm CDT
Hunter does not speak for Me LH

Rollo the Ax 20:55:10 pm CDT
The very idea of having different rooms with different rules or restrictions was the Councils attempt to keep everybody happy and still have a BASIC Gorean action .... as for restrictions on slaves ?? I have said so before, and will do so again, in a TRUE Gorean setting, any slave not chained to her Master would not have or be * restricted * in any way ...... restrictions are an Earthen way of keeping others from * playing * with your toys ... a basic monogamous relationship ... like Earth, NOT Gorean .....

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:56:58 pm CDT
LH question for yiu seems all you do us come here say how things are done. In yiur home if it's so good why be here

LionHeart of Old 20:57:34 pm CDT
What I am saying is the myriad of varying restrictions makes the service in the Tavern difficult

If there was a minimum agreed upon level of service it would be easier and I think more used

Master's restrictions WOULD NOT be challenged -- only girls that could serve at the minimum level could there alone ---

Again the traditions of this place already LIMIT certain rooms (eg: baths and FW, most FM from kennels)

Sissy 20:58:16 pm CDT
I think room rules need to be gone over because I think the rules of the Piazza have been changed dramatically

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:58:39 pm CDT
this girls Jarl had her restricted when she was white silk once she passed her yellows that changed

LionHeart of Old 21:00:19 pm CDT
Kazar I enter here to speak of Gor in general

The question asked was of WHY the Tavern stands vacant and I know when I am here I do not enter or when pass through don't stay and be served often BECAUSE of the myriad levels of restrictions -- and proposed an answer that would MAINTAIN individual girl's restrictions

Sissy 21:00:35 pm CDT
I understand what your saying LH but if the Men here wouldn't be so quick to molar then there would be more slaves to serve the way you wish

karinda {GS} 21:00:38 pm CDT
Is not restricted...and call her needy...or a slave whore...but she quite likes the no restriction.

Winks as she squirms on the slave fur

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:00:46 pm CDT
I would venture to say that the tavern is not empty because of restrictions

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:00:51 pm CDT
Mistress Sissy
with due respect

the rooms rules are well versed on the web pages

Sissy 21:00:52 pm CDT

LionHeart of Old 21:01:01 pm CDT
I know Sissy

LionHeart of Old 21:02:01 pm CDT
I may be wrong and You maybe be right on that point Hunter -- but I can speak for Me and Others I have spoken to that do not visit that room for those kinds of reasons ~shrugs~

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:02:10 pm CDT
I thank Rollo and LH for reminding us what a paga tavern is. I think all of us should look for ways to embrace that part of gor while we are here in seethy Port Kar

Sissy 21:02:24 pm CDT
ruby when the Piazza was first created it was the for FW to go and relax without a veil now it is required and I see more Masters there than FW

LionHeart of Old 21:03:10 pm CDT
I am saying Sissy that slaves that are heavily restricted simply do not belong alone (without their Master) wandering in the Tavern

Rollo the Ax 21:03:23 pm CDT
For being an * OPEN * forum, and a place to discuss almost any topic, why is it always so often just a place to stand up and insult others or question their right or reason for having an opinion or offering a different point of view huh Why take it so personal if another offers a different idea ??

LionHeart of Old 21:04:59 pm CDT
And Thadron I speaking for Myself am not even speaking of sex --- but to stop in the reply to a serve and have to go and read and see if I can or can't cup her breast as I take a cup -- THAT makes the Tavern more like a law court than a tavern

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:05:00 pm CDT
girl has been coming to GS since 2009...girl never knew Free Women could attend any venue without the full Robes of Concealment and veil

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:05:09 pm CDT
LH we went through this in euro

Tavern isn't empty cause of restrictions . To Slaves

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:05:15 pm CDT
It shows the true character as You said earlier Rollo

Sissy 21:05:35 pm CDT
When I first started visiting here LH the rule for slaves were if a Free was in the Tavern they were required to enter and offer serve

natasha{Zoran} 21:06:26 pm CDT
that rule still stands, Mistress Sissy

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:07:05 pm CDT
What makes you think I was talking about sex, LH...

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:07:11 pm CDT
you could always ask the girl in private whats allowed LionHeart....not so difficult...assuming whispering is permitted of course

moira 21:07:25 pm CDT
Covers her eyes hearing angry voices

Sissy 21:07:59 pm CDT
Robes were always required in the Piazza but not veil because the Piazza was created for the FW..and I have been visiting here GS before it ever left poolside ruby

LionHeart of Old 21:08:00 pm CDT
Not You directly Thadron, but that seems to be the focus and fear of this issue as Rollo in one of His most recent posts

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:08:12 pm CDT
and that is still the training instilled, starting from lesson one....
greet and offer serve...there is no option

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:09:05 pm CDT
Sissy. Think that still stands. To serve one in the free in the tavern

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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xx Re: Forum 04/09/2017
« Reply #3 on: Apr 12th, 2017, 08:54am »

LionHeart of Old 21:09:31 pm CDT
"Assuming whispering is permitted"


This is My point

It is easier to make a pass in an earthen bar than to see if a girl in the tavern can be touched AT ALL -- even in some cases I have seen non-sexually

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:09:47 pm CDT
Grins...from what I hear sex is not on the top ten activities in Port Kar in a long time

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:10:15 pm CDT
snorts at Hunter's words and winks to karinda

Austin - Scholar- 21:10:31 pm CDT
pig tailing off Sissy's remarks.. if the rule LH has proposed.. then all a slave has to say is my restrictions forbid me to enter the tavern... and then she is not required to serve any Free at all?

I don't think Others would want that either

Rollo the Ax 21:11:07 pm CDT
So what would you have, Kazar huh GS forum is open to ALL !! Oh, except LH because he had an idea that you didn't like ?? Open to ALL, means just that ...... until such time as LH does some unforgivable action to get him banned from GS .... come on, guy .... personal dislikes have NO PLACE in forum .......

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 21:11:31 pm CDT
surely all slaves can be whispered to ask restrictions...

Sissy 21:12:02 pm CDT
I agree Rollo

LionHeart of Old 21:12:03 pm CDT
~rubs ass from urt bite and boot~

Sissy 21:12:52 pm CDT
Tosses LH the boot cream

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:13:03 pm CDT
Rollo don't give a rats ass
He is always disparaging. G/s.
He can say his point of view as I can say mine o,ain't and simple

karinda {GS} 21:14:14 pm CDT
Winks back at Master Sandman..because He us so freaking sexy...trying to enjoy her forum experience minus the bickering

LionHeart of Old 21:14:20 pm CDT
~rubs ass from urt bite and boot~

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:14:42 pm CDT
karindra wink one knows

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:15:04 pm CDT
I dont belive there is a need for insult....sometimes pointing out facts can look like insult though

Sissy 21:15:08 pm CDT
Kazar if others aren't welcome here than you may as well hang the sign now that says members only and snobs only

LionHeart of Old 21:15:39 pm CDT
Where have I disparaged GS

A problem was brought up AS the topic -- I stated My opinion on it

I DID NOT bring it up I commented on My view OF the problem a member here brought up

moira 21:15:39 pm CDT
Blows a kiss of sympathy to Master LionHeart

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:16:13 pm CDT
looking around the room,, all are welcome in forum as long as they show respect.. disagreeing does not mean lack of respect in my humble opinnion

Sissy 21:16:30 pm CDT
LH don't worry about it some just wanna be asses

Sissy 21:17:26 pm CDT
What Kazar said was not disagreement it was hatefull

LionHeart of Old 21:18:09 pm CDT
And as a point of fact aura for example by the letter of rykl's restrictions she should NOT answer such a whisper from Me

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:18:20 pm CDT
Hunter it is what it is

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:19:33 pm CDT
Sissy ya know me well enough yiu come at me be prepared. For a answer

Sissy 21:21:14 pm CDT
You know Me well enough Kaxar veils or not when I see Bullshit I will let it be known..I seen no one come at you I seen a Man bring up a topic and comment on it

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 21:21:30 pm CDT
Master Lionheart... aura can see your then if you whispered and got no answer ..its did they see it etc

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:21:58 pm CDT
Sissy as I do also

Rollo the Ax 21:22:12 pm CDT
I think that basically what LH was meaning is that we come here to interact like Gorean men, not lawyers .... ** Lets see, slave A , according to page 3, paragraph 16, subsection 5, you can be spoken to but NOT touched or anything ?? ** I can understand WHY he was trying to make the point that doing crap like that is counterproductive

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:22:35 pm CDT
folks in my opinion this tharlarion has been well and truly beaten to death,, does anyone have something new to offer?

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:23:08 pm CDT
Aura. Can see restrictions of. No furring no lapping serve as yiur color silk is

LionHeart of Old 21:23:12 pm CDT
The urts are think tonight!

And for those that know not My home (soi/jag/gor) I disagree with many there and they with Me -- I have a view of Gor and I speak and press it in discussions -- this to Me is NOT about GS but always about how Gor can best be expressed in a vt setting being truest to the books

ANYONE who sees Me as attacking GS is missing the effing points I make

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 21:23:14 pm CDT
knows a girls sister and her aren't restricted from whispers .... wonders just how many are..

larissa{Austin} 21:24:13 pm CDT
Master Sandman, nothing from this girl, thank you for asking...


natasha{Zoran} 21:24:49 pm CDT
nothing from this one, Master Sandman

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:24:56 pm CDT
Brother, nothing more from me

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:25:24 pm CDT
Master Sandman
thank You, for You kind inquiry...this mere one has nothing more to add

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:25:40 pm CDT
nodding in that case I am going to call forum to a close

thank you for scribing natasha

Austin - Scholar- 21:25:44 pm CDT
Nothing here Captain

moira 21:26:00 pm CDT
Let's out her breath, nothing from this slut

Austin - Scholar- 21:26:13 pm CDT
Thank you for leading Captain Sandman

natasha thank your scribing

Sissy 21:26:27 pm CDT
Nothing more from Me this forum tonight has done nothing but piss me off..I've never seen someone be so disrespected for offering their opinion

PAX 21:26:29 pm CDT
Nothing Captain

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:26:36 pm CDT
Grins to Lionheart....this forum is about GS when the topic is about the tavern....cant have it both ways....but I also understand your point

Rollo the Ax 21:26:42 pm CDT
Done also, brother Sandman ...

larissa{Austin} 21:26:42 pm CDT
Thank you for leading Master Sandman,

and the beauty natasha, thank you for scribing...

natasha{Zoran} 21:26:44 pm CDT
Thank you for leading, Jarl Keeper and Master Sandman

blows on the parchment and tucks it safely away

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:26:50 pm CDT
All done

Thadron - Captain of GS 21:26:54 pm CDT
Thank you for leading, Brother, thanks for scribing tasha

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 21:27:12 pm CDT
Master Sandma thank you for leading...
natasha thankyou for scribing beautiful xxx

moira 21:27:51 pm CDT
Thank You for leading Master Sandman

Thanks tasha for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:27:58 pm CDT
thank You to Master Sandman and Jarl Keeper for leading

than, you tasha, for scribing

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:28:32 pm CDT
Thanks for leading Sandman...smiles to natasha...thankyou for scribing sweet girl

sei {Kazar} 21:28:58 pm CDT
this quiet but listening one thanks Jarl Keeper and Master Sandman for leading

thanks natasha for scribing

Sissy 21:29:10 pm CDT
natasha Thanks for scribing

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:29:14 pm CDT
Thanks for leading Sandman and natasha fir scribing

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"She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them."
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