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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 07/23/2017.  (Read 294 times)

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xx Forum 07/23/2017.
« Thread started on: Jul 28th, 2017, 7:25pm »


Master of one



OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:39:37 pm CDT
well folks its time to get started

You all know the rules

Whisper topics to me
keep chatter in whispers

respect for all

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:40:23 pm CDT
Sit back with my slut in my arms
Waiting tonher the question

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:41:53 pm CDT
a soft purr of contented joy, her cheek soft on his wide chest, eyes sparkling as she listens

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:41:54 pm CDT
dark eyes lift to Master Sandman - listens intently

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:42:08 pm CDT

I have an easy one

"can a white silk slave lap a Master"

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:42:54 pm CDT
~not wishing to disturb forum now it has begun, waves to her sisters and blows a kiss to the Masters.`

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:44:42 pm CDT
looks to mistress flicka

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:45:10 pm CDT
is there anyone here who does not know the answer/

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:45:49 pm CDT

ruby knows...

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:46:41 pm CDT
well tell us ruby,, you have earned trainer status

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:46:53 pm CDT
its not allowed ~
whats the punishment if knowing and willingly one does`

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:47:20 pm CDT

A white silk is to be chaste in all of her actions, she is not to be used in a sexual way nor should she be overtly sexual in her actions. Having said that yes she may sit upon a Master's lap, it depends on your definition of 'lapping' for some this means wrapping a slave's legs around a Master's waist and grinding her pudenda into His groin. Obviously that would not be permitted for a white silk.

LionHeart of Old 19:47:30 pm CDT
Perhaps rephrasing the question might be more interesting

What is she to do if ordered to? Can she say "no" if pressed? Is she to run, disobey the Master, ignore Him?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:48:22 pm CDT

thank You Master

no lapping is not allowed...a white silk may not feel the arousal of a Master..she is a virgin

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:49:34 pm CDT
LH lets say their is history from another g/s site ~ their well known too each other

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:50:13 pm CDT

She need to inform the master of are rules
I would say Lh
So she may sit on a lap but not faces them.

LionHeart of Old 19:51:55 pm CDT
Nods -- but if she is "white silk" here then I would think that would trump (that word is now awkward, chuckles) that -- the question I have is why is her first duty to obey the Master (and let Others here deal with Him when get here) or what?

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:52:12 pm CDT
ahh so this is more complicated than first blush

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:52:39 pm CDT
Nicely put Master Zoran, flicka would say that her legs are to be to one side.

LionHeart of Old 19:52:45 pm CDT
Again Zoran -- I am asking if He pushes -- does she stand up for the rules here or obey and let a Free of the place deal with Him later?

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:52:47 pm CDT
and yes LH our rules are paramount regardless of past relationship

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:53:48 pm CDT
LH yep gets complicated ~~
lets say he wants too buy her from the Captains ``

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:53:56 pm CDT
Master LionHeart it matters not if the slave knows the Master from another site, in Gorean Shores she will obey the rules of Gorean Shores.

LionHeart of Old 19:54:41 pm CDT
That I get (places rules) but I am asking what the poor thing does if alone and pressed?

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:54:51 pm CDT
one would say that the obeying first and foremost her Master's rules and restrictions would be her priority

and in case of GS white silks, the Owners are the Captains of GS, so obeying the GS rules would be obeying them.

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:55:16 pm CDT
I truly think we need to keep them off the laps my self
It keep down. Confusion
Plus I don't know the Master that can't get arouse with a naked slave on his lap

LionHeart of Old 19:55:39 pm CDT
As I said again I would assume that -- My question is a bit different ~shrugs~

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:56:29 pm CDT

LH agreed does she lap deal with it later or was the rules knowingly and willing ign

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:56:38 pm CDT
as far as buying a girl our policy is clear,, she must achieve yellow's and we only sell to pledged patrons

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:57:32 pm CDT

Sandman thought that

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:57:54 pm CDT
I think she obeys the master but c and p
The hole deal
Were she tryed to explain?

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:57:55 pm CDT
and I agree Brother Zoran,, better for them to staff off laps lest they find themselves earning punishment

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:58:55 pm CDT
a white silk is always to tower in position..she may be modestly sensual only....

agrees Master Zoran...Gorean Men are easily aroused

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:58:59 pm CDT

LionHeart of Old 19:59:17 pm CDT
I am more curious that a girl has clear instructions -- and when alone with a Master disobeying is awkward

In My home the instruction is if a Master breaks the house rules it is assumed an NPC Guard will remove girl (thus she does not have to say "no" to a Master) -- I a NOT debating a home's right to forbid her or this action, but the HOW of it

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:00:17 pm CDT
LH if their is no free their

LionHeart of Old 20:00:46 pm CDT
~hand casually tangles in moria's hair as I speak~

moira aka Unclaimed Prize 20:01:33 pm CDT
Leans into His hand

LionHeart of Old 20:02:33 pm CDT
That is My question Kazar what is she to do if alone with a "strange" Freeman that disregards the place's rules?

Some homes say obey the Free it is His fault/issue and hers is to obey -- others like Mine use a "Guard" that is "always there" -- I am just asking what is done here in such a case

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:03:08 pm CDT
flicka agrees with both Master Sandman and Master Zoran, this girl was wrong in saying that a white silk may "sit" upon a Master's lap. In fact from our manual for slaves is the following:

"* As a white silk, you will need to practice sensuality without being touched for all gorean slaves are always sensual, it is in their nature and they can't do otherwise", flicka does not see how a girl could sit upon a lap if she is not to be touched by a Master.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:03:24 pm CDT
she should resist or try to escape,.. failure to do so,, implies complicity and a need for punishment

Sissy 20:03:28 pm CDT

the white silk should open her mouth and say NO or excuse herself

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:04:12 pm CDT

LH too me same as mine she has restriction she know what too say
if persistant she knows c&p and leave
I would guess the same here except give it to ther Captains let them deal with it `

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:04:26 pm CDT
Thank you for the clarification flika

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:04:45 pm CDT
smiles to mistress

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:05:23 pm CDT
and the slave should c&P and forward that info to the Council and first Girl

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:06:22 pm CDT
Agree with the Captian Sandman

LionHeart of Old 20:06:33 pm CDT
I get the c&p part but at the time poof/run or obey?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:07:22 pm CDT
~chuckling~ the clarification was for flicka's benefit Master Zoran.

Master LionHeart a slave who "disobeyed" an unlawful command by a Master would be fully supported by this girl, the slave Master and the Captains of Gorean Shores. We have discussed this before in regard to PMs, it is good training for the white silk to learn the diplomacy of explaining to a Master that she is not permitted certain actions.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:07:47 pm CDT
poof/run would be the right thing along with C&P

Sissy 20:07:54 pm CDT
go..I won't say run

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:08:01 pm CDT

Of course the slave must record the incident.

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:08:21 pm CDT
I say obey
I always said a Master can do what every wants
He has to pay for his actions
Be it pissing off the Captians

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:08:26 pm CDT
an example for the chain of command

report to the first girl with a cp ...if she cant handle it herself...the fg contacts the Slave Master

Jarl Thorrn 20:11:13 pm CDT

slips quietely over to the dais and sits down in My chair.

LionHeart of Old 20:11:57 pm CDT
I wish to be clear this is NOT an issue for Me I always to the best of My understanding obey the rules of a place I am in

I do know Others that don't and am asking WHAT a girl is to do here in such cases when alone

Zoran seems to think obey -- Others run --- I can imagine what a poor white silk slut might have to guess if Captains are not sure

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:12:31 pm CDT
what this one would do is bemoan the fact that she cant comply with the order given, and inform the Master that should he wish to seek punishment, all has been c/p and forwarded to the Masters

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:12:49 pm CDT
Lionheart the girl is expected to explain diplomatically to the Master that she may not

LionHeart of Old 20:13:51 pm CDT
~nods to Sandman~

And if He will not listen? As I have seen this happen in other places--

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.

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xx Re: Forum 07/23/2017.
« Reply #1 on: Jul 28th, 2017, 7:29pm »

karinda {GS} 20:14:30 pm CDT
The rule isn't to come off as disagreeable Master LionHeart....the white silk can even cut abd paste the rules from the manuel and show the Master then state in a kind respectful way she cannot lap.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:14:44 pm CDT
LH then she should leave cp too first girl

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:14:56 pm CDT
then the girl can always leave

Sissy 20:15:19 pm CDT
Then the Man deserves No Respect and the girl should not be afraid to leave

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:16:35 pm CDT
My words only
She would not be punished if she went threw all
If push comes to shove
But she should for the most part no do it

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:18:19 pm CDT
If after explaining our rules the Master still persists, then the girl should explain to the Master why she is leaving and do so.

It is flicka's experience that Gorean Masters honour the rules of a site. That the only time They make a faux pas is in ignorance of a certain homes rules and They are quick to rectify Their error.

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:20:09 pm CDT
aura would think a reasonable Master would understand a girl explaining politely

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:20:20 pm CDT
agrees mistress
Gorean Men of honor...respect the rules of the Home

Sissy 20:20:32 pm CDT
aura Gor has its assholes too

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:20:57 pm CDT
I will be the first to admit
I am wrong
And agree with the senior Captian and the fg

karinda {GS} 20:21:01 pm CDT
Nods in agreement

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:22:12 pm CDT
ok folks we have covered this topic adequately,, are there any more topics

Jarl Thorrn 20:23:21 pm CDT

The girl may simply state that it is against the house rules that white silks lap (or whatever would the breaking of the rules).
This way she tolds the Master without saying no and seeming to teach him, it is a simple statement and cite from the house rules.

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:24:17 pm CDT
Be well as rt beckons

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:24:28 pm CDT
Jarl THorn that would and should suffice anyone

Venator-Warrior 20:25:56 pm CDT
Calls natasha to my side.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:26:06 pm CDT
well said Brother Thorrn

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:26:48 pm CDT
quietly moving to the edge of Master Venator's furs, kneeling at his feet

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:29:42 pm CDT
Respectfully says then Mistress Sissy ...aura wouldnt think they are truly Gorean but instead a HNG.

Sissy 20:30:13 pm CDT
HNG/asshole same thing *shrugs*

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:30:57 pm CDT
aura always be a few of those anywhere

LionHeart of Old 20:34:02 pm CDT
Now that is another


Interesting questions -- there WERE asshole/HNG Masters in the books

Should slaves be protected from such? Or exposed to such as part of Gor

(this time assuming the Master does withon the rules)

Sissy 20:37:24 pm CDT
if the Master does withon the rules then he isn't a asshole

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:39:17 pm CDT
well if the HNG gets service from a yellow or red silk slave,, and pays the tavern the coin,, the girl must go with him to the alcoves.. as long as she isn't asked to do something against our rules

LionHeart of Old 20:39:36 pm CDT
Sissy, Men CAN be asses (or HNGs) within the rules

Cruel, abusive, etc.

I have seen Men do things I have entered to stop --- and girls that took it cause they understood their place in the Gorean world

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:39:57 pm CDT
Master LionHeart our rules are quite clear on that matter, it is not for a slave to make a judgement if a Master is a HNG or not as long as He is acting within the protocols and rules of GS then a slave has no protection as You call it from a HNG

Jarl Thorrn 20:40:12 pm CDT
Masters can be rought, tough, raw and even be assholes. Masters are allowed to be anything to slaves and so slaves have learn to deal with this, react properly and in a slave manner.

Of cause that Master be assholes does not mean that it is expected from them to do so but nevertheless a He is Master and the slave is slave.

Sissy 20:40:27 pm CDT
Guess that explains why I'm not a slave

LionHeart of Old 20:42:29 pm CDT
I am sure Sissy if You want the experience ~laughing hard~

Sissy 20:43:58 pm CDT
you'd die before you broke Me LionHeart

LionHeart of Old 20:45:39 pm CDT
I don't believe in breaking the person -- just them into the fact that they are in steel

You are lucky I am not hunting these days Sissy --- I always liked a strong FW

Sissy 20:47:55 pm CDT
If I were looking for A Companion I might take that Challenge LionHeart
But I'm the Boss in my relationships

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:48:53 pm CDT
ok folks LH and Sissy get a room

do we have any more topics of discussion for forum?

Sissy 20:49:18 pm CDT
Sorry Captain

moira aka Unclaimed Prize 20:49:37 pm CDT
Lol @ Master Sandman

LionHeart of Old 20:49:57 pm CDT

We best be just Friends then cause I am such in all My relationships as well ~smiles~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:50:01 pm CDT
~chuckling at Master Sandman's words~

Jarl Thorrn 20:50:33 pm CDT
chuckles at Brother Sandmanīs comment about the two flirtatious

Sissy 20:50:41 pm CDT
Friend *nodding*

Sissy 20:51:24 pm CDT

A FW flirt
not here..

karinda {GS} 20:51:25 pm CDT
Stifles a giggle

LionHeart of Old 20:53:19 pm CDT
I don't think We flirt -- rather negotiations between 2 Free

I have dealt with N Freewomen lol --- and believe Me they are more dangerous than some S Men

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:54:53 pm CDT
ok folks I am going to close forum,, thank you all for participating

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:55:35 pm CDT
Thank You Master Sandman for an interesting Forum.

Jarl Thorrn 20:55:49 pm CDT
No more topics from me Brother

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:56:03 pm CDT
thank You Master Sandman for leading

thank you to the scribe

karinda {GS} 20:57:06 pm CDT
Thank You Master Sanan for leading forum

Thanks to the scribe
...her huess is mistress?

Jarl Thorrn 20:57:30 pm CDT
Thank You Brother for leading the forum tonight.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:57:32 pm CDT
thanks for Laeding Sandman
and flicka for scribing

moira aka Unclaimed Prize 20:57:33 pm CDT
Thanks for leading Master Sandman
Thanks for scribing flicka

Jarl Thorrn 20:57:54 pm CDT
Thank you also to the scribe *S*S*S*

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:58:13 pm CDT
~chuckling` karinda you guess right, cannot you see the ink splatters?

Venator-Warrior 20:58:21 pm CDT
Thank you Sandman for leading and flicka for scribing.

PAX ~Scholar~ 20:59:13 pm CDT
Thanks for leading Captain Sandman
Thanks for scribing flicka

Sissy 20:59:41 pm CDT
and Blessed Be

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:59:41 pm CDT
thank you for leading, Master Sandman, and mistress for scribing

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:59:55 pm CDT
thank you sweet scribe

karinda {GS} 20:59:58 pm CDT
Giggles....someone needs to help you not to get so inked up look sirt of like an Earthen leopard.

Jarl Thorrn 21:00:30 pm CDT
hugs flicka for spreading so much ink on the paper and only a bit in the environment

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.
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