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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 08/06/2017.  (Read 160 times)

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xx Forum 08/06/2017.
« Thread started on: Aug 7th, 2017, 12:06am »


Master of one



OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:45:23 pm CDT
well folks its time to start

you all know the rules

PM topics to me

keep chatter in pm's

and respect for all

karinda {GS} 19:47:32 pm CDT
Slips in quietly kneeling on the slave furs as forum has already begun

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:47:51 pm CDT
dark gold flecked gems lift to the Senior Captain...listens intently

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:50:15 pm CDT

Some Masters are interested in what happens in slave class, flicka can you tell us?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:56:16 pm CDT
~chuckling~ Master Sandman, not just flicka, we have also two trainers here and many of our slaves.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:57:07 pm CDT
flicka how much dirt is talked about lol

Sissy 19:57:57 pm CDT
isn't it against the rules for girls to gossip?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:58:03 pm CDT

We use slave class as a place in which to bond with our sisters, and also to learn more about being a slave in Gorean Shores, both GS slave and Personally owned slave.

Lately we have been having a different slave lead the slave class on a topic of her choosing.

Perhaps ruby will tell what we did last week.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:58:41 pm CDT
Master Kazar we do not ever talk any dirt and certainly gossip is not permitted.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:59:45 pm CDT
flicka I know teasing. Ya

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:00:55 pm CDT
~grins at Master Kazar~

ayli also and karinda have lead class recently. perhaps they too will explain what their topic was.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:00:55 pm CDT
last week...ruby had the pleasure of leading class

we had a Gorean trivia pursuit game

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:03:14 pm CDT
flicka might add that the questions were not easy at all. But it was good fun.

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 20:03:40 pm CDT

a few weeks ago a girl lead a position class but there also was a twist to it

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:03:52 pm CDT
thank you mistress

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:04:50 pm CDT

It is a good way to broaden our knowledge and extend ourselves.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:07:48 pm CDT
A long long time ago, about 3 years, Mistress Lita came to slave class and danced for us. it was amazing.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:08:13 pm CDT

ayli ~laughs~ explain the twist.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:09:13 pm CDT
do you learn to dance or practice flicka

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 20:09:47 pm CDT
yes mistress

the twist is where each sister was given a list of words they had to use to do there position most everyone had difficult words

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:10:38 pm CDT

Yes we do Master Sandman, a while back ruby led a class on dancing, the format and techniques.
We also practise dancing, but haven't done that for a while.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:11:32 pm CDT

karinda also has led a class recently, it was a timely one. Karinda want to tell of it?

Dak 20:11:50 pm CDT


ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:12:04 pm CDT

laughing ayli
girl received the word ...smirk..ruby has nevered smirked...then in comes the Slave Master....shudders

ayli...your class was fun

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:12:45 pm CDT
~chuckling~ Master Thadron was given His list of words and a fine job He did of His "position" very very Masterly and Manly.

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 20:13:32 pm CDT
giggles hearing ruby ayli doesnt remember giving you smirk for a word

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:14:13 pm CDT
this one will never forget

karinda {GS} 20:15:09 pm CDT
gitl taught a class on the princess principle. And the negative effects that can bring to the home. It is always a good reminder

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:15:19 pm CDT
this one is thankful there is a strict policy

~what goes on in slave class, stays in slave class~

Master of one 20:16:36 pm CDT
I think sometimes We Free should be thankful for that too ruby
~ laughs

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:17:01 pm CDT

blushes hot to Master of one

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:17:22 pm CDT

And so you can see we try to make our learning an enjoyable experience.

Austin - Scholar- 20:17:31 pm CDT
Nods and agrees with ruby's comment

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:20:09 pm CDT
on a more serious level

ruby wonders at involved a personal Master wishes to be in Their slave training

Dak 20:21:02 pm CDT
this one, VERY!

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:21:31 pm CDT
I have always maintained that slave class and the system of training we have is a big part of the continued strength of our home

PAX ~Scholar~ 20:21:53 pm CDT

Agrees with Dak

Austin - Scholar- 20:22:00 pm CDT
I would like to be more involved... It would help me personally in being a good and respectful Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:22:29 pm CDT
Master Dak
ruby has Your ayli in training...please contact this girl at any time

PAX ~Scholar~ 20:22:59 pm CDT

Slaves know basics but a Master will mold to his ways

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:23:45 pm CDT

and Master Austin too..ruby is always happy to commiserate

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:24:02 pm CDT
flicka thinks it varies with the Master concerned. Some wish to be very involved. ~smiling at Master Dak~ Others, less so.

But this girl is of the firm opinion that we as trainers cannot teach submission. We cannot teach a slave how she feels when a Master commands her. Only a Master can do that. All we can do is give the girl the tools to further explore her desires in that direction.

Dak 20:24:38 pm CDT
no problem, ruby, I will if I feel it necessary, *s*

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:26:09 pm CDT
very true mistress..its been her experience too

a slave heart can not be taught..submission must be in the soul of a slave

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:26:22 pm CDT
Master Sandman, flicka agrees fully with You. Many years ago when flicka flung herself into Gorean life, she was left to flounder, to try to muddle her way. There was no formal training, the home had few formal rules. It was very hit or miss and slaves and Masters alike were adrift.

LionHeart of Old 20:27:19 pm CDT

Sissy 20:30:37 pm CDT

The Topic is What goes on in slave class

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:32:32 pm CDT
if one had to point to the things GS is built on,, in my humble opinion the big three are:

1) having a COuncil of Captains even if we aren't always as involved as we like
2) consistently having slave class every week
3) consistently having forum everyweek

there are of course many other things and people who play a part in keeping us relevate

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:33:16 pm CDT
that is true Sissy

is there anything YOU are curious about?

Sissy 20:33:45 pm CDT
No SandMan

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:34:17 pm CDT
~listening to the words of Master Sandman, nodding her head vigourously~

Master Sandman You have encapsulated it perfectly. A girl could not agree more.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:35:09 pm CDT

Nods... the idea to have a Council from what was told to me was to avoid the pitfalls of other homes with one Master calling all the shots.

Austin - Scholar- 20:35:18 pm CDT

What I see of the Big Three is consistency... and that is important

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:36:21 pm CDT
And having book clubs as often as possible is a big strength as well, but not in the top 3

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:37:03 pm CDT
indeed Bretval currently and Lita before have been helpful to our home in running book club

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:37:35 pm CDT

have you had any issues with hngs breaking into the kennels flicka

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:37:42 pm CDT
indeed Master Thadron

Port Kar...has a Council of Captains, the only City on Raiders of Gor, it explains the way this came to be

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:38:00 pm CDT
Lita is doing better. Hoping soon she will be back

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:39:54 pm CDT

we look forward to it Kazar,, thank you for keeping us posted

LionHeart of Old 20:39:57 pm CDT
~perks up on mention Lita~

I hope My Friend can return soon

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:40:23 pm CDT
As Master Thadron says Book Club/s are also important, they anchor us in the Gorean ways.

Other events that we hold enable us all to enjoy our home. Even though the society of Gor is a duality, in that One group of people hold utter sway over another group, it still has to fulfill all our needs.

Austin - Scholar- 20:40:27 pm CDT
Lita is missed...

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:40:39 pm CDT
LH her rehab getting their long way to go

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:42:00 pm CDT
No Master Sandman we have been fortunate, other than Master Big Ole Hairy Master grumbling His way in at times no Masters have intruded upon of late.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:42:26 pm CDT
~eyes soften at the mention of Mistress Lita~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:43:01 pm CDT
Thanks for the update, Kazan, tell Her she is missed

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:43:38 pm CDT
Thadron call her. During the week

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:44:07 pm CDT

LOL flicka

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 20:44:35 pm CDT
giggles hearing mistress

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:48:07 pm CDT
Also Master Sandman, our own Masters, ooops a girl means Masters pledged to GS are always quick to PM flicka if They think that a HNG is lurking.

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.

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xx Re: Forum 08/06/2017.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 7th, 2017, 12:10am »

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:48:18 pm CDT
The first girl has asked permission to post my response in slave class to the lesson of posting a position in a Gorean setting using a set of random words given by the leader, in my case, each slave chose a word for me. She may post it.. but I would like to post hers as well.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:49:49 pm CDT

Yes, I find our home is very supportive in keeping hng's away... it's tricky, some are just trying to observe and interact. Don't want to chase them out.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:50:26 pm CDT
~blushing~ Here is Master Thdron's post.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:23:51 pm CDT
I was in the back of the great tent, prone on a bale of hay, a sense of non-familiar melancholy feeling my soul with despair, I had not yet found the slave with the desired beauty and heat that I had been commissioned to procure for the Captains of Port Kar... I jumped forward and up with the agility of my youth on display, raising my arms, lifting my head back allowing a yawn in full pandiculation...

I reached into a bucket, finding a rence cloth, I proceeded to wring the water from it before wiping my face with the cool fabric, I tossed it back into the bucket, refreshed
I grabbed my slave whip and flicked the 5 dark snakes into the air with a hiss...

I must go back to the stage and find the slave now, it was all important that I not fail...

still with the disposition of a worn and miserable curmudgeon, I caste my gaze upon the row of slaves that still remained...

how had I missed her...she was there, her fiery mane covering pale shoulders and an ample bosum.... I motioned her to display in front of me with the wave of the whip...

The slut was a beauty, how had I not seen this before...

I circled her, kicking her legs out wider, tugging at a rounded little ass cheek before I came in front of the girl and let my hands sample each breast, they were young and firm... a beauty in any realm...

with a salacious move forward of my arm and hand..... I grabbed the V between her legs to test the girls heat..... and just as I had hoped she melted in my touch and her body submitted fully to me...

she was the one....

all important

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:51:45 pm CDT
Remember, I had no prep time, it was written in a few minutes

karinda {GS} 20:51:45 pm CDT
Smiles at the posting of the Slave Master

Sissy 20:52:35 pm CDT
Well Done Thadron

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:54:33 pm CDT
And this was flicka's. There were many others that were awesome uses of quite difficult words, in that they were as ruby said with a "smirk" not words that a slave would normally use. We none of us had time to ponder, and so it was a good preparation for impromptu dancing and of course serving.

"flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:10:22 pm CDT
Aware of the eyes of the Masters following her every move flicka strolled nonchalantly to the platform. At a barked command from the auctioneer flicka hurried to stand where indicated. Standing awaiting His touch, her body a pliable mannikin for His positioning flicka's calm eyes are lowered in surrender, as a slave she cedes all power to the Free Men.

The auctioneer with the use of His whip touched her arms, obediently flicka raised them to clasp her hands behind her head, the action causing her breasts to lift and her waist to narrow. The chain tethering her ankles allowed her feet to separate to exactly the correct distance, lightly she thrust forwards her hips, causing her slave petals to open slightly displaying the inner blush of moist coral.

A smile lifts the corners of her lips as she exults in the pleasure of displaying herself to the Free Men. Her penchant for being looked upon evident in every line of her firm body.







Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:56:41 pm CDT
You are correct, flicka.. all the responses were very well thought out iand written...

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:56:48 pm CDT
well done Brother

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:57:30 pm CDT
alyi's class was so creative...ruby thoroughly enjoyed

karinda {GS} 20:57:48 pm CDT
Smiles at the posting of tge mistress

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:59:44 pm CDT
We try to do at least one position by every slave at the end of class...

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:00:19 pm CDT

~listening to the words of the slave Master~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:02:10 pm CDT
It's always a delight to see what the leader of the week brings forward... trivia this past week was lots of fun and informative

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 21:04:00 pm CDT
whispers thank you ruby smiles

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:04:11 pm CDT
lowers her eyes to the Slave Master...thank You, its always a gift to serve her Jarls Home

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:04:18 pm CDT
I find myself reading yours many times over, flicka

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:05:03 pm CDT

Master Thadron swtpea lead a class where we had to tell one truth about ourselves and two falsehoods, then we all had to say what we thought was the truth. Ah You were at that class. ~laughs~ flicka remembers Your lies.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:05:52 pm CDT
Lol, yes that was fun too

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:06:09 pm CDT
ohhh mirren remembers His as well

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:07:30 pm CDT

ruby tear gassed three times

ruby fosters feral cats

forgot the other


karinda {GS} 21:07:35 pm CDT
kar remembers His too.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:07:49 pm CDT
Some of the "games" we play in slave class could easily translate to a game's night where Masters too could participate. This girl would love to play the "truth/falsehood" game with Masters.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:08:56 pm CDT

agrees mistress...that would be fun

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:09:19 pm CDT
wiggles in her kneel

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:09:23 pm CDT
Game nights are always popular... someone just needs to prepare it, advertise it and lead it... doesn't have to be a Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:11:07 pm CDT
Se-Kara Festival is coming up soon..

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:11:15 pm CDT
Thank you for leading, Sandman....

Thanks for scribing, scribe. (Not sure who it is). Rt is pulling me away

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:11:36 pm CDT

waving to my brother

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:12:23 pm CDT

sounds like its time to plan a festival and ruby I reviewed th games thinking the slave been thing and meat toss would be fun

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:12:52 pm CDT
~nods~ mid/late September for Se-Kara. A Games night would be fun to incorporate.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:14:15 pm CDT

Festival is not till mis Oct 11th ..however Masters right, time to plan ahead

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:14:38 pm CDT
smiling any more discussion on what happens in slave class?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:15:05 pm CDT
ooops Sept mistress?...girl thought Oct

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:15:12 pm CDT
~nods~ quite right, we start planning and advertising in September.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:16:50 pm CDT
no it is September. Or at least it was last year.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:16:53 pm CDT
nothing more from a girl Master

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:17:11 pm CDT
Now flicka is in her usual state, all confused.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:19:49 pm CDT
well then I will call forum to a close

thanks to all who joined us

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:20:15 pm CDT
Last year Se-kara was from September 22nd to October 1st.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:20:38 pm CDT
Thank You Master Sandman ~warm smile~ For leading forum.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:20:47 pm CDT
girl thanks You for leading Master Sandman

thank you mistress for scribing

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:22:02 pm CDT
flicka would appreciate you and the other trainers organizing a game night,, how about a week from Thursday

karinda {GS} 21:22:20 pm CDT
karinda thanks Master Sandman for leading forum

Thank you mistress flicka for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:22:24 pm CDT

Oour manual is incorrect

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:23:22 pm CDT
thank You for leading Master Sandman
thank you for scribing mistress - hugs-

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:24:57 pm CDT

yes Sir Master Sandman ~laughs~ A week Thursday it is. that would be August 18?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:27:27 pm CDT
Ooops 17th. You see Thursday is Friday for flicka and Friday is the 18th. Stop laughing at this girl ruby. ~falling in a heap~

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:29:07 pm CDT

laughing with mistress. ...and her befuddlement..(rubys word)

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:29:09 pm CDT

giggles ...smiling at mistress

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.
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