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 thread  Author  Topic: Euro-Forum notes..15-October-2017  (Read 109 times)

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xx Euro-Forum notes..15-October-2017
« Thread started on: Oct 17th, 2017, 3:53pm »

Jarl Keeper
Jarl Randolph - Moderator
Master Bretval
Master Austin

ruby{Randolph}~t - scribe

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:29:01 pm CDT

W/we will commence EForum in a few minutes. Please whisper any topics to me now

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:38:52 pm CDT

Before we begin a reminder of the rules:

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:39:13 pm CDT

poises writing stick nib to finely milled rence parchment...listens intently

meral{Bretval} 13:39:32 pm CDT

~turns her attention to Jarl Randolph~

Austin - Scholar- 13:40:01 pm CDT

Listens to Randolph

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:40:53 pm CDT

All are encouraged to contribute and speak freely. Absolutely no extraneous chit chat, as it slows up the discussion, keep to the point and be polite. All greetings to be in whispers one we are in session.

ruby is scribing so be kind to her.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:41:20 pm CDT

one moment

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:41:54 pm CDT

Slips in most quietly and nods to Aall present with a smile as she kneels

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:42:44 pm CDT

~Huge grin on My face~
~Patting My lap so that rykl knows where she is sitting~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:43:36 pm CDT

Topic 1:

Although Masters and slaves are all different in general what characteristics do Masters look for in collaring a slave... and what characteristics does a slave want and desire when desiring a collar from a Master?

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:43:43 pm CDT

-see my Jarl and smiles before racing to His lap and driving in for a huge hug-

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:44:27 pm CDT

girl thinks
beauty and absolute obedience

Bretval {meral}: 13:45:55 pm CDT

In my case I look for intelligence in a slave beyond the normal obedience

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:47:26 pm CDT

A very good question but difficult to answer. There is the obvious requirements of a slave, being pleasant, obedient and the rest of it - but there needs to be a yin/tang element between the two which gives mutual satisfaction. That is not easily spotted at just a few meetings, it takes time

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:47:37 pm CD
the characteristics to trying to gain a Masters favor?..hmmm...taps fingers to chin..pondering

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:48:18 pm CDT

Submission / obedience, naturally.
~Looking at rykl~

But above and beyond that, a certain indefinable quality, a chemistry if you will, something deeper that makes that slave especially suited to You.

When you find it, hold on to it!

~Still looking at rykl~

Austin - Scholar- 13:48:44 pm CDT

I agree with ruby.. but also add the inner beauty of the girl.. and also... if her personality fits with the Master.. for example.. if th Master desires a calmness.. a slave girl my be all of the above but her personality of being easily excitable... may give the Master the gut feeling that the girl is not for Him.. and I would maybe say it is the same for the slave girl needing to feel trust and security.. knowing her Master will protect her.. respect her.. and in time love her

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:49:31 pm CDT

~Nodding to Randolph~
Yin - Yang
Just what I was thinking.

meral{Bretval} 13:49:32 pm CDT
mea can only speak from her slave self......honesty, intelligence, patience, wisdom, to be able to listen, a great Teacher, a connection of the mind and heart, that is what mea looked for and found it in her own Master

Bretval {meral}: 13:49:39 pm CDT

True Randolph, I spent a week and 1/2 learning about my mea before collaring her and she spent the same time learning about me and what I was at the Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:50:02 pm CDT

agrees fully my Jarl
if Oone doesnt take the time before gifting steel, most likely the union will not flourish

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:50:45 pm CDT

You are a fast worker, Bretval, lol. It took me a few months with ruby

but she is worth it - kisses the girl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:50:58 pm CDT
wow mea...nodding to your wisdom

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:51:45 pm CDT

nearly four months my Master...kisses to Your compliment

meral{Bretval} 13:51:48 pm CDT

then the trust can build and last

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:52:09 pm CDT
Smiles at Him

Undefinable? It's that same feeling you have when you know you have the right jigsaw puzzle piece..when it slides in and fits

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:52:29 pm CDT

was it really ruby, oh dear. grins

Bretval {meral}: 13:53:55 pm CDT

Having spent three years or more in GS I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a slave… And I found it in mea

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:54:31 pm CDT

well put mea and ry, and I agree with A/all here. W/we seem to see everything the same way. Basically looking for something lasting and not a flash in the pan.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:54:32 pm CDT

~Grinning at rykl~
A most excellent description, it is like a piece of puzzle that has been missing all of your life is there, you find that the picture is now complete and makes sense.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:54:33 pm CDT

June 4, 2013 thru August 28, Jarl

but girl didnt push..but she prayed

Austin - Scholar- 13:54:48 pm CDT

The question is did you have an inkling of wanting the slave and the Master soon and then just waited to solidify Yyour thoughts and feelings

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:55:18 pm CDT

There is a lot to be said for sliding in and fitting in a relationship!


Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:56:44 pm CDT

laughs rt - ok ruby, everyone now knows I am a slow decision maker !!!!! But that was 4 years ago so a good decision.

Bretval {meral}: 13:57:05 pm CDT

Different strokes for different folks, Keeper *grin*

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:57:43 pm CDT
yes, well put Keeper.

meral{Bretval} 13:57:56 pm CDT

mea went totally by her instinct Master Austin, mea had spoken to a few Masters while in her o collar but only her Master made her sit up straighter in RT and made her tingle.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:58:24 pm CDT

yes my Jarl..kiss

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 13:59:47 pm CDT
~Grinning still~
The perfect fit is a wonderful thing, we can all agree on that?

Austin - Scholar- 14:00:04 pm CDT
Nods to mea.. I think instincts are really important

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:01:12 pm CDT

Master Austin
girl knew she desired her Masters favor...right away, there was no question in her mind

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:01:16 pm CDT
That is what I meant be almost indefinable.
Hard to put a definition to it, but you know it when you find it!

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:02:14 pm CDT

~Nodding to Austin~
Instincts rather than any kind of logic!

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:02:15 pm CDT

mmm..yes Jarl Keeper
the perfect fit..goes all dreamy eyed

Bretval {meral}: 14:02:39 pm CDT

Certainly, Keeper *warm smile to My mea* truly wonderful

meral{Bretval} 14:03:47 pm CDT
~smiles softly up at her Master~

Austin - Scholar- 14:04:00 pm CDT

Listens to Eeveryones wisdom... this is interesting.. and one has to think hard about just why and what is the reason for collaring His girl or her being collared

Bretval {meral}: 14:04:47 pm CDT

Or more accurately in the instinct and logic working together to form aperfect bond

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:06:30 pm CDT

Any other comments on this topic?

Austin - Scholar- 14:06:46 pm CDT

nothing from me Randolph

Bretval {meral}: 14:07:04 pm CDT

We have all seen the results of a Master and slave joining too soon. Generally they split

meral{Bretval} 14:07:24 pm CDT

nothing more from mea, thank You Jarl

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:07:58 pm CDT

Yes, agrees Bretval. In those cases neither appears to be content

Bretval {meral}: 14:08:02 pm CDT

Nothing more from Me Randolph

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:08:14 pm CDT

Not from rykl or I

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:08:18 pm CDT

it should be mentioned...a relationship needs to be nurtured to flourish

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:08:57 pm CDT

~Nodding to ruby~
Like a delicate flower

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:09:02 pm CDT

yes, ruby, and that can only be achieved with time

meral{Bretval} 14:09:04 pm CDT

nods agreeing with ruby

Austin - Scholar- 14:09:19 pm CDT

Definitely agrees with ruby...

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 14:10:01 pm CDT

this girl felt an instant connection to her Jarl
time stood still when she first met Hm
but she was collared to Another
both she and her Jarl were true to O/our existing bonds without fail

only years later was it possible to establish a true bond between the 3 of us

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:10:23 pm CDT

Jarl Keeper
and watered often

Bretval {meral}: 14:10:44 pm CDT

Most certainly true, ruby

« Last Edit: Oct 17th, 2017, 4:40pm by ruby~{Randolph}~t » User IP Logged

ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor

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Gender: Female
Posts: 857
xx Re: Euro-Forum notes..15-October-2017
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17th, 2017, 4:27pm »

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:11:04 pm CDT

In Summary all seem to want the basics of the Gorean ways but see as more important a close and nurtured fit which binds the two together which is difficult to define - But one knows when it happens.

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:11:25 pm CDT

Giggles upon hearing ruby

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:12:30 pm CDT

We have a second topic - one moment

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:13:33 pm CDT

indeed my Jarl - kiss
its called love - gems cloud with tears

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:14:26 pm CDT
Topic 2:

One of the reasons given at last week's EForum for younger people not joining GS is the fact the technology of the site is outdated - and younger members are more used to that.

Could anything be done in this site to help with that??

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:14:28 pm CDT

"Love is all you need." John Lennon was right.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:15:28 pm CDT

there is little question the GS web pages need updating

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:16:08 pm CDT
hugs..rubys going to fall into one of her trances

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:16:37 pm CDT

Hmmm, I had to re word that, hopes it is understandable

Think what was meant was that this sites technology is of 20 years ago and not up to date with that of face book, what's app etc.

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:16:40 pm CDT

Maybe more watering?? ?

Bretval {meral}: 14:17:35 pm CDT

Not that I can be, Randolph... It is truly up to the website administrators as I see it. All we can do is ask them

Austin - Scholar- 14:18:08 pm CDT

don't know much about Facebook and twitter and other technology.. but Ihave heard there are a lot of slaves and Master on them.. maybe advertise about our home.. I bet many don't even know that Oour exists

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:18:19 pm CDT
ryl - winks
oh yes and fertilizer too...chuckles..have to tend and cultivate the fertile loam

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:18:22 pm CDT

W/we have what we have and is probably outside of our control - sod we have links/discussions with the Web Master??

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:18:35 pm CDT
Putting My Super-nerd cap on.
We use html coding, stuck with that.
It would be easier to create a sister site with more up-to-date communications that re-vamp this site, besides that is something only Gary can do.

There are other ways we can have a presence?

Austin - Scholar- 14:21:28 pm CDT

Nods I like that Keeper.. but you talking wayyy over my head

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:22:12 pm CDT

Besides, Hyper Text Meta Language will make you brain implode!

One of the advantages of this older technology is not pictures and therefore complete anonymity.

In My profession that is rather important!

Bretval {meral}: 14:22:38 pm CDT

And possibly face an influx of advertising and other things that may be pretty on then surface but what would the final result be?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:22:39 pm CDT
I had a whisper from a shy one who intimated that Forum hadn't changed for years !!!!!

Maybe changes in formats would help. Needs some thought.

meral{Bretval} 14:23:08 pm CDT

How could it be verified that the new visitors are over 18 from Facebook and what's app....that should be a concern

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:23:44 pm CDT

~Nodding to Randolph~
So rather change the technology, change the way we use it?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:24:09 pm CDT

but we can't do that here, mea.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:24:37 pm CDT

yes, exactly - we need some brainstorming on this

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:25:13 pm CDT
girl always thought the idea of having pre-arranged topics was a terrific one....however, it never came to fruition

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:26:22 pm CDT

At the risk of sounding creepy, it is so easy to hide your identity and age on the internet.
Two fake email addresses and a proxy server with Tors web browser is all it takes.

Bretval {meral}: 14:27:54 pm CDT

I believe Poolsides and thus Wwe have some protection for underage Ppeople... if not that is the Website Owners problem

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:28:11 pm CDT

I do like the idea of pre-arranged topics

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:28:41 pm CDT

agrees, Bretval, we can only do our best here on that score.

corina 14:29:23 pm CDT

~softly, shyly~
There are many different free online forums, or finding out how the current one can be modified to look more pleasing to the eye.

as for chat software, doing a bit of research to find out what is out there, then talking with the webmaster to find out what can be done to update this.

~chews lip softly, goes back into the shadows~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:29:27 pm CDT

I would like pre arranged topics - it would take the stress out of it

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:29:38 pm CDT

yes Jarl Keeper
this gives people time to think on the topic..nodding

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:30:55 pm CDT

yes, agrees corina, we need a techie for that - looks around

Bretval {meral}: 14:32:37 pm CDT

I agree in Principe, Keeper as long as there is placed for more immediate some if things happen we have to be ready fast enough to deal with it

Austin - Scholar- 14:33:23 pm CDT

Excellent suggestion corina

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:33:25 pm CDT

I agree Bretval

Bretval {meral}: 14:34:23 pm CDT
Not Me anymore, Randolph... Too long out of the game

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:35:09 pm CDT
Well, let's try it for next week. I will post on the corks asking for topics and see what happens

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:35:41 pm CDT
This girl can barely send email
She is trying to figure out google docs currently
It's not going well

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:35:58 pm CDT

can turn on a Jarl easier than turning on the ignorant

Austin - Scholar- 14:36:05 pm CDT
Or have the announcement on the banner... and where they can submit the topic

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:36:41 pm CDT
thats a terrific idea my Jarl..try try again

meral{Bretval} 14:36:49 pm CDT

mea is not techie at all Jarl

Austin - Scholar- 14:36:52 pm CDT
rykl.. OHMY you doing google doc.. this old dinosaur is experiencing the same ..

corina 14:37:45 pm CDT

~thinks I might be the opposite of ruby.. soft laugh.. been too long~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:38:13 pm CDT

chuckles at corina, little slut

Yes, a good idea Austin. Just need a place to send it now.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:38:19 pm CDT

~Hugging My rykl~
Google docs is a pain!

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:38:36 pm CDT

Master Austin
girl is expected to do something called Google classroom
Is Google creating teachers too?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:39:33 pm CDT

me neither any more mea, I have been out of it a while now and technology has moved on quickly

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:40:48 pm CDT
gmail ..puts this one into a frazzled fit..can never figure it out

meral{Bretval} 14:41:13 pm CDT

mea had to ask her daughter to set up her new mobile phone for was beyond mea

corina 14:42:00 pm CDT
~chews a lip, grins a little at Jarl Randolph~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:42:16 pm CDT

Hmmmm, can see we have a problem here, we are all dinosaurs - maybe that comment made last week was spot on.

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:42:38 pm CDT

rykl I think they would like to, for a profit!

Perhaps they will introduce Google electro-shock-therapy for classroom management!!!


ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:43:12 pm CDT

lol @ Jarl Keeper

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:43:12 pm CDT

-start of a little pout-
This one doesn't want to be a dinosaur

Austin - Scholar- 14:43:56 pm CDT

Laughs with Keeper

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:43:58 pm CDT
well thank goodness..for the serums of stabilization

meral{Bretval} 14:44:03 pm CDT

It isn't being a dinosaur Jarl......mea has no interest in techie stuff never has had lol

corina 14:44:13 pm CDT

~refuses to be a dinosaur.. grins~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:44:22 pm CDT

Well ry, we are all very young baby dinosaurs

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 14:44:34 pm CDT

mirren has no spare time, but perhaps someone else in GS will have the proper tools?

Bretval {meral}: 14:44:51 pm CDT

Ideally a 3D game platform would be good... but again tjat may be far beyond Gary's abilities *grin& but it would be fun walking tnto the Tavern with Aall of Uus in 3D characters

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:45:37 pm CDT

Oh My sweet rykl, you are many things, dinosaur is not, absolutely not one of them, far too soft and cuddly to be a dinosaur!

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:45:46 pm CDT
-little cheeky smile toward the Handsome Jarl-

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:46:19 pm CDT
yes it would Bretval, it is ideas like that we need and a mechanism for putting them to Gary.

Would love to see ruby and the slaves in 3D

User IP Logged

ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor

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Gender: Female
Posts: 857
xx Re: Euro-Forum notes..15-October-2017
« Reply #2 on: Oct 17th, 2017, 4:38pm »

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:46:45 pm CDT

any other comments on this topic?

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:46:51 pm CDT

-cuddles with my Jarl-
This girl will be whatever You want her to be

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:47:39 pm CDT

nothing more my Jarl - kiss

meral{Bretval} 14:47:40 pm CDT
no further comments from mea, thank You Jarl

Austin - Scholar- 14:47:49 pm CDT

LOL can you imagine ruby and the other slaves dancing in 3D... talk about getting hot and heavy LOL

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:48:06 pm CDT

Nothing more from this one
Thank you Jarl

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:48:32 pm CDT

Grinning at rykl, I know!

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:48:44 pm CDT

Nothing form Me Randolph

Austin - Scholar- 14:48:56 pm CDT

Nothing Randolph

Bretval {meral}: 14:48:58 pm CDT

*grin at Austin*

Nothing more from Me

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:49:00 pm CDT

blushes hot - Master Austin

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:49:34 pm CDT
As a summary I feel that the topic has raised some interesting thoughts. Pre thought out topics; 3D; a techie to become involved. Perhaps this topic could be raised at tonights main Forum.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:50:29 pm CDT
Well I vote for 3D, would certainly bring in the Masters

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:50:33 pm CDT

Nodding in agreement

Austin - Scholar- 14:51:37 pm CDT

Nods to Randolph... but more slaves is more beneficial than more Master on the 3D thing.. chuckles

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:52:04 pm CDT
Looks to my Jarl

Have You forgotten Your slaves 3D?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:52:33 pm CDT

oh Master Austin

humbly disagrees with that..chuckles

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:52:42 pm CDT
Well, on that note I close EForum for this week

thank you all for attending and contributing to two thought provoking topics

kisses the scribe

meral{Bretval} 14:53:37 pm CDT

Thank You Jarl Randolph for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

Austin - Scholar- 14:53:50 pm CDT

Thank you for leading Randolph
ruby thank you for scribing

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:53:54 pm CDT

I have special 3D game that I will show you in the Aquilla.
It's called "Perfect Fit"


ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:54:06 pm CDT
thank You for leading my Jarl..kisses with worship

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 14:54:16 pm CDT

Thank you Jarl Randolph for leading

Thanking sexy ruby for scribing

Bretval {meral}: 14:54:58 pm CDT

Thank you for leading, Randolph and a special thank you to ruby for stribing

Jarl Keeper ~ Captain ~ Scholar 14:55:10 pm CDT

Thank you Randolph for an excellent Forum
Thank you ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:56:14 pm CDT

rolls up the sacred scroll - as always a privilege to serve my Jarls Home
User IP Logged

ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor
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