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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:37pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 2/25/18  (Read 84 times)
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“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”~Ghandi~


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xx Forum 2/25/18
« Thread started on: Feb 25th, 2018, 8:57pm »

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:44:53 pm CST
well folks its time to get started

you all know the rules

PM topics to me

keep chatter in PM's

and show respect for all,, slave and Free

karinda {GS} 19:44:53 pm CST
Greetings Master Jake

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 19:45:45 pm CST
Greetings kianna

kianna~little she urt~ 19:47:11 pm CST
Slipping in quietly to the back corner
Greetings Masters Mistress and slaves

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:49:39 pm CST
I have a topic:

A question for all you girls which may spark a bit of conversation.
What is the most precious thing your Master can give to you?

ayrie{Thadron} 19:51:38 pm CST
~with a whisper of sunny silks she enters and finds her place at Master's side, legs folding into her kneel, a smile of greeting to the Masters and slaves

kianna~little she urt~ 19:51:42 pm CST
His collar.

tamara 19:52:27 pm CST
......his time.

karinda {GS} 19:52:44 pm CST
Touches her GS collar...which is different than the question of just one Master

For a GS slave....girl thinks it is the sense of belonging that each gives girl

Silly answer, but karinda is not personally owned

Jake 19:52:56 pm CST

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:53:51 pm CST
Karindra yet wink

kianna~little she urt~ 19:54:30 pm CST
Giggles and wrinkles her nose hearing Master Jake

karinda {GS} 19:55:28 pm CST
Bites her lower lip and blushes at Master Kazer's words

sura{Austin} 19:55:59 pm CST
His trust and protection

Things she can touch ...girl is most grateful for His precious collar and his personal brand seered deep in her flesh

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:56:08 pm CST
oh there are a million

Bretval {meral} 19:57:08 pm CST
I am with tamara on this...time and attention

Jake 20:00:51 pm CST
Honestly, the collar, then his word as well a home and time spent with her in it. One places a collar as a commitment unless to only sell the chattel. Bodes to things such as honesty and yes gruel which is being fed..sustain the body and you might then the mind if she stays alive.

kianna~little she urt~ 20:02:27 pm CST
When Kia was privately owned a long time ago his collar was the physical gift.his power and how he made girl feel owned and protected demanding girls best was the emotional gift he gave girl

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:03:03 pm CST
how about discipline?

tamara 20:03:18 pm CST
a collar was a physical gift, precious. a collar slowly loses meaning when time is not given nor attention.

kianna~little she urt~ 20:06:03 pm CST
Girl feels disapline is very important a girl should feel that he cares brought to show his dominance over her.
So she knows she cannot top from the bottom.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:06:08 pm CST
time is at the top of my list.... I am afraid that those in a gs collar are not gifted the time they deserve…

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:06:25 pm CST
guidance is precious, for a slave to maintain her slave bloom into a fine hot hot hot kajira

ayrie{Thadron} 20:06:29 pm CST
Apologies, one lost the topic while greeting

karinda {GS} 20:09:07 pm CST
Traces the engraved GS as all comment

Master of one 20:09:08 pm CST
~ smiles as Mine enters
To Me maddie

{maddie}Mof1 20:09:34 pm CST
~slips in as quietly as the cluster of tiny slave bells allows in her quick path to His left and pliant knees while aqua eyes flashes around, offering silent greetings to Masters and Jarls as well as slaves~

LionHeart of Old 20:11:10 pm CST
Some might call discipline I prefer FIRMNESS -- not letting Oneself be manipulated EVEN in subtle ways by the girl -- sounds obvious but what the BDSM side calls topping from the bottom is VERY subtle and even more of an issue here than there for that side allows choice Gor does not

A girl is owed to be treated as a Gorean slave which is a terrifying thing -- and FIRMNESS (not brutality) is the FIRST step

ayrie{Thadron} 20:11:51 pm CST
~slave heart thrums as she peers up at Him
The greatest gift is Master's collar,everything that comes with His steel as well, but first and always greatest in this one's mind would be His collar. Within His collar, she is fed mentally and physically, wonderfully so.
When He travels, His steel is there, locked securely

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:12:48 pm CST
one could make the argument...even a slaves next breath is owned, thus imho..a precious gift..stifles a chuckle

Master of one 20:12:56 pm CST
~ leans down and whispers in her ear

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:13:10 pm CST
that's true, ruby.…

karinda {GS} 20:13:47 pm CST
Hot tears well up her emerald eyes

kianna~little she urt~ 20:15:54 pm CST
Moves over and hugs karinda tightly

tamara 20:16:50 pm CST
-hugs karinda-

karinda {GS} 20:17:08 pm CST
Get mad at those tears....silly emotions...hugs kia

karinda {GS} 20:17:21 pm CST
Hugs tammy

ayrie{Thadron} 20:21:47 pm CST
~floats hugs to kar thinking her tears reflect the slaves desire to serve

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:21:48 pm CST
smiling at our lovely girls

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:22:33 pm CST
they are a fetching group, Brother Sandman

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:22:57 pm CST
The beauty of slave girls showing their true feelings and emotions

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:23:36 pm CST
Thadron it shows their slave heart

karinda {GS} 20:25:00 pm CST
Nods to ayrie...such a intuitive

{maddie}Mof1 20:25:06 pm CST
~whispers softly with downcast aqua eyes~

may this slut please beg to ask the topic again, with respect and if it pleases Master Sandman to repeat it..

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:26:11 pm CST
ok folks discussion is flagging,, any more comments?

karinda {GS} 20:26:15 pm CST
kia....don't sell kia so are unique and simply amazing

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:27:07 pm CST
smiling to Maddie,, the topic was what is the most important thing a Master can do for a slave

{maddie}Mof1 20:30:43 pm CST
~wiggles a bit with a tiny jingle of bells while her voice murmurs softly~

This slut thanks You, Master Sandman, for sharing...and, if she may offer...the mots important thing a Master can do for a slave is be a Master, including over Himself...

~nibbles a bottom lip, glances up to Master Sandman and winks before her gaze casts back down~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:31:12 pm CST
I have nothing more on the subject, Brother... it was a good time to look deep into slaves hearts to remember what this is about

{maddie}Mof1 20:31:36 pm CST
mots = most too...

~backhanding the spelling urt before listening to the crickets on Gor~

ayrie{Thadron} 20:31:44 pm CST
Nothing more from this beast, thank You Master Sandman

Jake 20:32:41 pm CST
I was done long ago, Captain.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:33:01 pm CST
nothing more from ruby, Master

{maddie}Mof1 20:33:02 pm CST
This slut has nothing more and thanks You for asking Master Sandman...

~smiles softly~

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:33:09 pm CST
thank you maddie

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:33:23 pm CST
we have a new topic:

What can the Free do in Gorean Shores to enhance our experience? please speak of specific examples of what you can do toward slaves and toward other Free

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:34:50 pm CST
Maddie just alluded to a good one... Be a Master... a Gorean Master in all things

LionHeart of Old 20:35:07 pm CST
It was brought up this afternoon that other sites have the ability to store posts for long periods so can read a room back days or month
Mark 20:36:00 pm CST
Steps in to learn and list

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:36:18 pm CST
agrress maddie
One can not Master a thing, unless One Masters Himself, first and foremost

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:36:31 pm CST
LH, that is a product of the host website, GaryM would have to upgrade I am thinking..…

Bretval {meral} 20:37:07 pm CST
~slipping out to RT~

ayrie{Thadron} 20:38:46 pm CST
~nestles into her Master's leg, listening to the Senior Captain, thinking this topic is exclusive to the Free by its wording.

LionHeart of Old 20:38:55 pm CST
I agree and said that, but another possibility would be scribing "exemplary" rp ~shrugs~ BUT generally I think You are right Thadron

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:39:23 pm CST
no, you can speak openly in forum ayrie.... just throw those ideas out there

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:40:09 pm CST
The Activities night has enhanced .. For Example the Tarn ride in Eforum was great.. and the dance night... so many more people came and also I think everyone enjoyed the evening.. It is is week advertised we have had many people come to them.. and makes thing enjoyable and thus makes our Home more inviting and more conducive to Role play

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:40:45 pm CST
in my case I can offer my services as a builder of ships and buildings to do business with the other Free

but it takes at least two to rp

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:40:47 pm CST
LH, we do save scribed role play and dancing, but we could always scribe more... and it is saved on the corks.... no room on the webpages

Master of one 20:41:29 pm CST
Yes Austin but We don't have events every night

{maddie}Mof1 20:41:53 pm CST
~murmurs with a quiet voice that sings from the Home of His lap~

first...slaves could do chores instead of enter and leaving public room with no words and, in response to seeing and for the sake of interacting with roleplay, the Free could add to those chores...long ago, when this slut started the full garden in the piazza, Jarl Keeper sent His thralls in with bosk dung (yes, that was NOT exactly a glamorous task) but this one appreciated that Jarl noticed and added to her roleplay/chore so she could continue...and Master Thadron just offered a much appreciated acknowledgement, not of the slave, but of the improvement of His Home and this slut felt the pride that He felt...just saying with respect…
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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”~Ghandi~


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xx Re: Forum 2/25/18
« Reply #1 on: Feb 25th, 2018, 8:58pm »

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:42:42 pm CST
how about positive acknowledgements on the corks? not just viewing things such as a slaves posted chores, but commenting as well? many ways to be positive on the corks

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:42:59 pm CST
I agree MO1 but its a start.. then maybe more will come into the
tavern more often.. and our home will be more active.. and not few in there most nights

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:43:15 pm CST
I think we all spend too much time private no5 enough time in the tavern

LionHeart of Old 20:43:27 pm CST
The talk (MO1) was centered around how more stories about (history on other sites) enhances people learning/reading when Members not at the site -- as I said I get the technical issues, but it was a point pressed at E-Forum

LionHeart of Old 20:43:58 pm CST
Damn did not see You here Mo1 sorry LOL

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:43:59 pm CST
used to be a regular thing
that Masters made comments to the chore section

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:44:26 pm CST
Agrees with Thadron

{maddie}Mof1 20:44:49 pm CST
~quiets and listens to the Free~

Master of one 20:45:10 pm CST
maddie's example is perfect.... If she hadn't posted to the corks Thadron would have never known that she did that chore as it goes away so quickly

kianna~little she urt~ 20:45:45 pm CST
Kia will be specific only because she is now no longer owned. Kia has been Kia for years here in GS was yellow silk over a yeas and red silk over 2 years before she gave understands GS slaves are not privately owned and Masters need to connect with there own slaves but would be nice to be thrown a bone once in a while. In all that time Kia was taken to the alcove 5 times.
Kia put her heart and soul into her serves to make them unique and special and 90%of the time Kia got a pat on the head and a soft touch then sent back to the slave furs!
I understand we are just pets and our feelings don't matter but if you want girls that are in GS dollars something needs to be said because the GS slaves are a dying breed before they loose their heart and run away I left for a year because my heart could not take it any more. I came back only because I love GS. And want to see it thrive!

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:45:50 pm CST
Nods to MO1…

Master of one 20:46:16 pm CST
Yes ruby but how often are chores posted now?

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:46:28 pm CST
LH... I am sure slaves would gather and listen to stories of a Masters journeys to distant lands on Gor.... that could be scribed and saved, would be good for a Free's study of the books, to have to describe it here

ayrie{Thadron} 20:46:40 pm CST
Thank You Master, Yours thinks that Your post, being a Gorean Master... That would do so much for both their fellow Free and the slaves.
Hard for one who has had so much rt to deal with to say but thinking about her time in the Home before... Perhaps she could suggest... allowing slaves to serve, dance, or please the Master. Showing a Free Your trade?

Jake 20:47:28 pm CST
Seems to me if anything said or done on any cork or in any room stems to one thing. Being here to rp or copy and paste to the corks. Commitment on either hand. I wish I had more time for it all but alas I can only gift time as allowed so would enjoy making the best of it by seeing folks here and not just forum nights.

karinda {GS} 20:47:31 pm CST
4 times.....alcove ....ahrees with kia

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:48:56 pm CST
not often enough Master of one..agrees with Your assessment...we used to post lesson chores..however that was stopped...perhaps it could be reinstated

tamara 20:49:06 pm CST

-a light breath-

i think a lot of people have gave up in GS. maybe their heart isn't in it, maybe it's just rt, but hardly anyone goes in public rooms anymore when they are there. there are those that do and since i have been in the Piazza lately, there has been more that come in.

people have to be here to be able to post something to the cork instead of just looking in and glancing and that's it.

Master of one 20:49:16 pm CST
This is Our fault too in that We have stopped putting an emphasis on it....We no longer spar or have competitions during slave class

karinda {GS} 20:49:16 pm CST
Shakes her head and hushes herself

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:50:01 pm CST
~looks at the ledgers~ yes, more alcoving, this place doesn't pay for itself... "lol" kia and karinda... I agree that for this place to survive as a paga tavern we need to behave like we are Goreans in a paga tavern

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:50:27 pm CST
I agree with MO1 I miss Spar nights

{maddie}Mof1 20:50:46 pm CST
~looking up and listening to the bareneck tamara, this one considers her words carefully~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:51:51 pm CST
empty paga taverns close, just laying out the facts

Mark 20:52:57 pm CST
Stretches and listens

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:54:12 pm CST
Sandman we used to. At o e time

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:54:27 pm CST
Oone just has to look at the drop down list...Oour Home does indeed flourish, from how it was just a few short years ago

LionHeart of Old 20:54:34 pm CST
I hate to beat and old horse, but the # of individual restrictions (and NOT saying Masters don't have the right to do so) on slaves makes the place confusing instead of furring/alcove friendly Thadron -- when have to search sub boards for restrictions cuts down busines -- I KNOW I have run such a place

Master of one 20:54:39 pm CST
That they do Thadron
And We need to be as creative as We can.... A slave can only sling so much page before she loses her heart for it

~naia {Frederick} 20:56:01 pm CST
but the drop down list looks the way it does right now because it's Forum.... this is not an every night thing.. it only happens when a specific event is going on... dancing.. sparring... if there's not event.. there's not that many here.…

sura{Austin} 20:56:45 pm CST
inhales softly-
If she may be allowed to express her humble opinion a few ideas come to her mind:
-completing profiles of users on corks: it gives Aall an opportunity to tell the story of who they are, Free or Slave, including interesting traits such as personality, physical attributes and trying to have consistency in role playing accordingly
-essays on various topics from those more interested to dig deep in Gor and books
One has some more suggestions which may require upgrading of chatroom format so she will keep quiet on those for now

tamara 20:57:05 pm CST
the drop down looks like that because it's forum and everyone makes it a point to come. just like with slave class, we all come out of the wood work to go to the class. just like planned events, there are those that come out. but to just come and spend time in the home? it seems people need a reason posted to do so.

Jake 20:57:19 pm CST
Personally if a slave is restricted then she should wear a chastity belt when in would be of no use in a tavern unless a drunkard forced her mouth not allowed in one. That leaves slaves at home and no rp. Just my thoughts.

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 20:57:40 pm CST
sura please express your thoughts

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:58:01 pm CST
LH, that brings up a good point....

Free, help other Free out... you can whisper a hint about restrictions to another Free if you believe they don't have that information...

I know that our slaves try to hint about their restrictions the best they can without coming right out and saying it...

{maddie}Mof1 20:58:23 pm CST
~looking to naia as the girl speaks and ponders her words~

karinda {GS} 20:59:54 pm CST
karinda admits her time has been more limited as of late...but a lot of times...girl goes to the tavern to serve...and even though several are on the scdool...none are public. It weakens a slave heart to kneel alone in a tavern

kianna~little she urt~ 21:00:30 pm CST
Kia often does alot of solo play in the port when no one is around because of her current condition but does not post it because she loves to r/p but afraid to post it so she runs around the canals in the port going out fishing searcing for food and such but she also knows in doing so she runs a risk of a collar.

Mark 21:00:42 pm CST
Listens to all the slaves express thoughts

karinda {GS} 21:01:07 pm CST
Sorry for the typos

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:01:24 pm CST
~frantically reading back.....smiling a greeting to all.~

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:02:24 pm CST
kia... posting that in the cork would be good and I am sure replies will be posted ..

Jake 21:02:32 pm CST
I sat long ago for hours on the docks and fished. Actual rp alone. Caught a boot, a left one, some tawdry things under a robe of concealment...I also caught a silk as well the kilt of a man that stood behind me when I was casting. Seemed then I was told not to use mashed suls as bait.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:02:59 pm CST
flicka is very late and is sorry. But has an idea, actually ran it past swtpea a while ago but wanted to approach the Captain's first.

LionHeart of Old 21:03:02 pm CST
~chuckles noticing how flicka's 2 "lower" eyes seem to harden as she reads~

tamara 21:03:16 pm CST
-quiet bit of laughter at Master Jake-

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:03:45 pm CST
and it is even sad when a Master comes in and the place is empty and all I can post is... "making my rounds" good thing I have my fitbit to count my steps

karinda {GS} 21:03:59 pm CST

sura{Austin} 21:04:12 pm CST
-chuckles quietly-

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:04:51 pm CST
It is hard to merely think and then write a profile. So flicka was thinking we slaves could devise a set of questions to ask Masters kind of like a reporter doing an in depth interview. And then post the result on the corks. The questions could be a mix of serious and querky.

{maddie}Mof1 21:05:14 pm CST
~aqua eyes looks to the Free "Mark" before settling down again~

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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”~Ghandi~


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xx Re: Forum 2/25/18
« Reply #2 on: Feb 25th, 2018, 9:00pm »

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:05:48 pm CST
Master LionHeart, it is as a response to all the hunky Masters within, a girl's lower eyes get all excited.

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:06:28 pm CST
Nods.. I like that idea flicka and also maybe the salve cold do it also..

{maddie}Mof1 21:06:56 pm CST
~thinking...WOW...that's all it took for "Mark", she smirks and glances to tamara with a giggling wink~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:07:26 pm CST
Bretval had to leave, but he has been diligent about posting a profile, it is a great suggestion

karinda {GS} 21:07:29 pm CST
Kar cannot post in the corks...but it sounds great for everyone.

LionHeart of Old 21:08:32 pm CST
I am not a Member, but I posted a short history on the corks earlier today

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:08:54 pm CST
Master Bretval's profile is inspiring, but almost too good, it might daunt others.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:09:27 pm CST
yes, I read it but didn't comment, LH... I will try to do better

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:09:27 pm CST
whispers softly an idea rose has for Yyour home of Gor is a discussion night pick a topic that relvent and then have a discussion on it it alway seem to bare fruit

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:09:53 pm CST
we can post for you, kar

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:10:46 pm CST
Then Master Austin, if the Captain's approve it You can be the first "lab rat" ahem, guinea pig. ~chuckling~

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:11:23 pm CST
Nods I will be the guinea pig.. smiles

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:11:33 pm CST
we think we do that in Forum, rose... but taking it further and posting a Gor related topic that required research for discussion is a good idea... I guess I always thought we had that covered with forum and book discussions, but maybe I should re-think it

Master of one 21:11:51 pm CST
~ laughs
Way to take one for the Team Austin

karinda {GS} 21:11:58 pm CST

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:12:16 pm CST
sounds good flicka

you are a clever girl

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:12:33 pm CST
Chuckles MO1 thanks.. I don't think I had much choice LOL

ayrie{Thadron} 21:13:11 pm CST
~listens quietly, lips tugging up in a smile at certain bits

sura{Austin} 21:13:16 pm CST
-smiles admiring my Master’s courageous volunteering not knowing what fg has planned for him-

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:13:45 pm CST
you can't tie him up, flicka

Master of one 21:13:47 pm CST
I think Wwe should focus on role play and not add more discussion at this Thadron said We already have forum and e-forum and book club
tamara 21:13:47 pm CST
-soft smile at maddie-

Master of one 21:14:29 pm CST
You had a choice until you opened your mouth Austin
~ laughs

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:14:44 pm CST
Master Thadron rose was thinking more along the line of amodrated discussion in the taven for Aall to join in not just Tthose in Your Home.. yes the topic could be more a reserch topic

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:15:10 pm CST
MOS lol

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:15:32 pm CST
and those topic might generate more Rp

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:15:49 pm CST
flicka got quiet all of a sudden maybe I surprised her.. chuckles

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:16:40 pm CST
Master Thadron. Aww shucks no ropes?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:17:42 pm CST
~laughing~ Actually Master Austin flicka was composing a post to the slave Master, and always needs to get her facts straight, so was looking up who the reporters on the Watergate scandal were.

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:19:00 pm CST
Yyou could start a story where each person get to add two line to the start of a story and then rp paly it

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:19:38 pm CST
~eyes dancing in merriment~ Master Sandman, flicka will take that as approval.

~whispers~ sisters put on your thinking caps for some good questions to ask the Masters. Starting with the courageous Master Austin.

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:20:06 pm CST
that way Eeevery Oone has Input and every one is involved

Jake 21:20:25 pm CST
might be courageous slaves as it depends on whom they might be asking questions of.

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:20:42 pm CST
Thinking when will this cross exam take place flickhuh?
Let sura know I and I will be there

Master of one 21:21:07 pm CST
~ thinks the dead Man walking Master Austin
OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:21:18 pm CST
smiling I don't see why we cant proceed flicka

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:22:21 pm CST
rose, we actually allow input from everyone in forum already and in book club, whether you are a pledged member here or not.... what you may be saying is why not try a planned organized discussion night in the Gorean Inn... in poolside.... maybe that would peak some interest?

Austin - Scholar- {sura} 21:22:26 pm CST
Chuckles.. MO1 remembrer for many years I wore a priest collar so not much info on me.. LOL

ayrie{Thadron} 21:22:34 pm CST
~thinks no questioning whilst Master Jake is fishing

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:23:56 pm CST
yes Master Thadron that what rose is trying to say here or the inn

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:24:07 pm CST
We have done som3 things on Thursday night in Gorean inn in poolside hav3 brought some in

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:24:37 pm CST
rose, is there a good place in poolside to announce the discussion?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:24:50 pm CST
nods in agreement

a night in the Inn nay prove didnt last tims, but who knows?..its worth a try again

Master of one 21:24:54 pm CST
A good idea Thadron .... I am sure We can do better than the last time We tried to use the Inn

tamara 21:25:07 pm CST
-settles chin against tugged up knee, listening-

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:25:29 pm CST
and the story idea would be one Pperson post two sentence then the next add on and so on till You have a whole role play then You can play it out here or where Yyou Aaal like

Jake 21:25:33 pm CST
Looks around as if looking for bait.

kianna~little she urt~ 21:25:35 pm CST
Kia would love to go fishing lol last time she rocked the boat while trying to bring in the thassa fish and ended up quickly getting back in the boat before she got eaten.
flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:25:37 pm CST
rose a running role play is a good idea, we did have one going a while back, with maddie planting a garden in the Piazza. ~evil chuckle~ flicka's contribution was a trailer load of bosk poo. But others definitely did weeding and digging.

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:26:46 pm CST
it does not need to be in the inn could be here

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:26:47 pm CST
Kianna went on Friday going tomorrow
Had nice fish dinner on Friday lol

LionHeart of Old 21:26:53 pm CST
May I comment I think some things at the Inn on the PS side would be a good thing

ALSO that the Captains exert some authority there -- the room itself says Gor stuff should be referred to the Captains (at least last time I read that part of the page) -- the way the room is used currently reflects poorly back on GS

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:26:57 pm CST
hmmmmmm maybe we should try that in the Inn.... there will be trolls, but if we started it and ignored the trolls and continued, it might be interesting to see if others would keep posting…

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:27:47 pm CST
these are great suggestions, everyone

ayrie{Thadron} 21:27:55 pm CST
~nonchalantly points out desirable bait, ahem, her beautiful sisters

Master of one 21:28:10 pm CST
~ listening to the ideas I realize

We have taken the first step, getting everyone thinking and realizing the importance of role play here

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:28:35 pm CST
LH. Portus. Used to run it with Sophie.
Their hasn’t been one in a while.
Agreed with you on that

LionHeart of Old 21:29:33 pm CST
Having c/p-ed the Inn's top:

Travelers, this is a NO KILL NO CAPTURE ZONE. Matters of a Gorean nature should be taken to Council at

If the Captains have no real say there perhaps Gary should be asked to alter that

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:29:48 pm CST
nods to mistress flicka well that the idea but can start one with all involved by each adding two lines till you have i whole rp and can add more then once but has to be two line each

{maddie}Mof1 21:30:23 pm CST
~nonchalantly nibbles at the naughty nana's finger with a smirk~

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:30:50 pm CST
Master Portus and Mistress Sophie, have not run the Inn in over five years

the banner reads
"Travelers, this is a NO KILL NO CAPTURE ZONE. Matters of a Gorean nature should be taken to Council at Gorean-Shores.c

kianna~little she urt~ 21:30:59 pm CST
Slips out quietly as phone is about to die.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:31:11 pm CST
Master Lionheart

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:31:43 pm CST
maybe Some want to take on the modrating of the inn again

ayrie{Thadron} 21:32:15 pm CST
~giggles softly, tugging her nibbled finger back and licking the boo-boo.
~whispers, maybe she should have hooked the feisty fish

Jake 21:32:20 pm CST
simply means you can not kill or be killed in the Inn or captured..more a free zone..should any 'fights' break out then yes take it to the I understood it long ago when GS was there at PS

{ms. rose} WanderLust 笙。kindness is a super power use it 笙。 21:32:37 pm CST
wander out since it seenm rt taking the lil rose

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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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xx Re: Forum 2/25/18
« Reply #3 on: Feb 25th, 2018, 9:02pm »

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:32:56 pm CST
I hear what you are saying LH

for now, we need to get things busy and active here in GS... keeping everyone in line in the Inn without them having skin in the game is a fool's folly.... what we can do is offer guidance and acceptance to true seekers.... Gary has the header in the Inn to point those seekers to us, I do not want to remove that..

Jake 21:33:19 pm CST
then it used to offer a link to here, as a way to find the new GS site as it was only a single room there.

LionHeart of Old 21:34:07 pm CST
I don't doubt your reading Jake, but the way the room currently "works" that sign ends reflecting poorly of Gor in general and GS in particular ~shrugs~

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:37:23 pm CST
well folks I have heard a lot of good ideas

In my rt life as a manager.. the big challenge is always execution

are folks willing to work the ideas

LionHeart of Old 21:37:31 pm CST
That link remains Jake

Jake 21:38:05 pm CST
That is the rub..we talk about a plan and need execute it fully.

swtpea{Frederick} 21:38:24 pm CST
you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:39:41 pm CST
grinning to swtpea, but you can put salt in his oats

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:40:24 pm CST
Master Sandman it will be done. Our home is thriving, but we can always do more.

Some really good ideas have arisen tonight.

Jake 21:40:25 pm CST
It was supposed to be a routing to this site and at the time Poolside was known to hold GS..then he created this site. Any looking for GS would not know in the start of this with google..maybe Gary can simply close the INN and make it another room poolside wise guided. I got out of the politics over there long ago.

ayrie{Thadron} 21:40:53 pm CST
~covers a giggle hearing the Senior Captain

swtpea{Frederick} 21:41:18 pm CST
smiles that you can Master Sandman

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:42:45 pm CST
I am very happy many were able to reflect on what they personally can do to enhance the experience here.... thanks to everyone who shared those thoughts

{maddie}Mof1 21:44:02 pm CST
It is called personal doesn't matter if you lead a horse to water, it is up to the horse to is up to the Free and slave to hold Themselves to a higher standard in public and to interact in public...with respect...

~spoken quietly from her Home~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:44:27 pm CST
rt is tugging at me... thanks for leading Sandman and to the scribe

I wish everyone well....

"tossing my slave over my shoulder I hurry to my lodgings for the night"

Master of one 21:45:10 pm CST
So when are We going to the Inn?

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:45:19 pm CST
it is late folks lets stop now to be kind to swtpea our scribe for tonight.... thanks to all who attended and participated
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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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